Asia Pacific Insiders Share Their Inspiration from Max 2019

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by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 11-22-2019

At Adobe MAX we revealed new Creative Cloud products, features and services to help you work faster and easier, any time and any place.

Want to know which updates caught the eyes of our talented Asia-Pacific Insiders? Read on and see how they plan to incorporate into their workflow. You can get the full list of updates here.

Photoshop for iPad is here




Photoshop for iPad allows creators to sync edits directly from their desktop to iPad with PSD support for cloud documents. It’s an intuitive, more accessible entry point to Photoshop for new users as well as a workflow extension app for professional creators. Download it today.

My favourite announcement this year has to be Photoshop for iPad. Being able to make my digital work completely portable allows me the freedom to create wherever and whenever.” — Sha’an d’Anthes

It’s completely changed my workflow!” — Pazut Wutigornsombatkul

I can use Photoshop more intuitively now, especially when commuting on public transport. I use Photoshop on a daily basis and to have access to it without the need of lugging a laptop around will definitely make it a handy tool” — James Tran

Object Section



One of the most exciting new features to Photoshop is Object Selection which recognises subjects in a photo based on your selection.

“The ease and precision of this new function will undoubtedly speed up a lot of my design processes, from quick draft-comping to more precise and crafted visuals.” — Joy Li

“Some images that require meticulous editing such as human hair take a long time to work with the original tools. However, I’m really anticipating this version because the updated tool could easily separate objects in a faster way.” — Mazect

“My favourite MAX announcement has to be the updated Select Subject and Remove Background feature in Photoshop. I spend a lot of time masking and cutting out subjects in my edits/photos so this will save me a lot of time!”Demas Rusli

Auto Reframe in Premiere Pro



Using artificial intelligence, Auto Reframe will automate the process of editing video for various social channels. Need 9:16 for TikTok and 1:1 for your Instagram feed? Auto Reframe will ensure all the action is in every export. Goodbye awkward camera framing! Oh, and that text that always takes forever to resize on different exports? Auto Reframe will resize it for you!

“Super useful as I always get clients who request video content in both landscape & vertical (for socials). This will save me so much time and headache! I’m so keen to put it to use!” — Benjamin Lee

“The Auto Reframe tool is enabled by Adobe’s AI system and it is only available in Premiere Pro. As an Adobe user, I am very proud of the Adobe’s AI system.” — Jovely

TikTok integration with Premiere Rush

Calling all video creators, this announcement is for you! Cut down your workload and export directly to TikTok through Premiere Rush. This editing software is perfect for run-and-gun editing, tailored for YouTubers and other online creators. Export your videos directly onto YouTube, Twitter and TikTok by easily selecting the right aspect ratio for each channel. With pro-looking transitions, colour filters, and stock motion graphics effects, you can create like a pro in half the time.

“I think TikTok is the next huge platform and as a creator that uses social media a lot, an integration like that means I can reach a bigger audience. And the livestream integration means I can reach my already existing audience in a new way.”Matthew Vandeputte

Aero is here



Taking immersive content to new levels, you can now build augmented reality experiences without any coding knowledge. Use the iOS app to import 3D files from Dimension and 2D layers from Photoshop and Illustrator to create interactive experiences.

Don’t have 3D design experience? Not to worry, Adobe Aero is intuitive and will assist you in building AR experiences inside the app with step-by-step instructions. Aero lets you assign behaviours and triggers to your designs and uses machine learning to create more realistic movements. Get creating now and you can look forward to some exciting features introduced next year!

“Since my work consists of massive layers, I would like to bring it to another level by having it shown in 3D dimension. In the midst of exploring this app. Can’t wait to finalise it and share it with everyone”Rames Harikrishnasamy

I’m obsessed with Adobe Aero and excited to keep incorporating it into my workflow, augmented reality is an exciting new medium to express myself and my work and Aero is the tool allowing me to do that.”Martina Martian

Looking ahead

Although MAX has wrapped for 2019, we have some very exciting products heading your way in 2020.



Look out for Photoshop Camera: A new AI-powered photo app which was previewed at MAX. Photoshop Camera is an AI-powered app that applies Photoshop Magic to any photo and uses Adobe Sensei to automatically enhance photo quality!

The app will include a selection of Instagram and Snapchat-inspired lenses and effects made by leading artists and influencers, including musician Billie Eilish. This will be your go-to for quick and shareable edits with a general release coming early 2020.

“The Photoshop Camera was insane – the possibilities!” Naina Redhu



Illustrator for iPad is also on its way in 2020. Get excited for a more intuitive interface and the ability to work across devices seamlessly. With easy access to Adobe Stock, Adobe Fonts and all Creative Cloud Libraries, this leading illustration app just got bigger.

Want to know more? Benjamin Lee and Demas Rusli made a special episode of their 529 Podcast recapping their Adobe MAX experience. which you can watch below!

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