Who Will Make the Cut?

Be the first to draft these puppets onto your team!

Get them out on the field, boost viewership, and score “likes” with these four professionally designed Character Animator puppets. At last, your sports-themed cartoon character desires are fulfilled. Originally created in Adobe Illustrator which allows fast, clean, and easy customization of colors and paths.

This is a slam dunk! All four characters leverage the power of the Character Animator parallax features offering that classic 2D look with the magnetism of 3D. Time out! Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, all four puppets have different facial trait dispositions and offer a wide range of useful mouth, hand, and animation triggers to bring them to life and present a full spectrum of emotion.

The ball is in your court – you can bring any of these puppets to life in Character Animator using your web cam, mic, and your own performance. These puppets are rigged and ready for animating! The Footy puppet also includes a Vuvuzela Horn and triggerable audio. Get started right away Download all four puppets.

Designed by award-winning digital media artist, Kevin McMahon. You can check him out on Behance here. Kevin’s clients include USA Track and Field, Stanford University Athletics, and Heads of Curriculum. Kevin is also the founder of the “Design Dojo”, a design education initiative serving educators and students worldwide with teaching resources including posters, videos, and application assets.

Knock it out of the park and animate like a champion!

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