Adobe Employees and Partners Stay Educated and Engaged with Adobe Captivate Prime

For today’s workforce, continuous learning is part of the job. Organizations and technologies are evolving at a rapid pace, and people can’t always rely on skills and knowledge that worked in the past.

Supporting the learning process is a top priority here at Adobe, especially when it comes to the Worldwide Field Organization (WWFO), encompassing sales, support, and Adobe Customer Solutions. There are roughly 6,500 people on these customer-facing teams, and serving customers effectively means staying up to date with the fast-changing Adobe product portfolio.

Enter Adobe Digital University (ADU), built and managed by the Adobe Worldwide Readiness and Enablement team. ADU is an online learning destination where field employees can learn how to use and sell Adobe solutions, develop their professional skills, and navigate internal processes and tools.

“Adobe Digital University is an important investment in Adobe’s future,” says Marion Rittler, Head of Worldwide Readiness and Enablement at Adobe. “We don’t want training to feel like an obligation. We want it to be a fun, engaging, and impactful experience for Adobe employees and we want it to demonstrate the company’s commitment to their success.”

For the Readiness and Enablement team, the recipe for fun, engaging, and impactful content starts with Adobe Captivate Prime. ADU has been running on the learning management system since 2017, and it has made a dramatic difference for both learners and authors.

Rapid course development

“The main benefit of Adobe Captivate Prime is that it makes it easy to deliver great learning experiences,” says Amanda Georges, Learning Platform Product Manager, Adobe Digital University at Adobe. “Captivate Prime puts learner experiences first, and it’s also easy for authors to use. Since moving to Captivate Prime, we cut the time required to train new authors to develop curriculum by 25%.”

With Adobe Captivate Prime, the team can easily update content, create new courses, and even migrate content from other learning management systems. That speed is crucial as the Adobe product portfolio continues to evolve, both organically and through acquisitions. Indeed, the team had to work fast to incorporate Magento (now Adobe Commerce Cloud) and Marketo content into ADU, giving field teams the resources to start selling and supporting the new solutions.

Flexible learning options

Field teams are frequently busy and on the move, so training content needs to be flexible and easy to use. That’s why the Readiness and Enablement team delivers a combination of self-paced online courses, virtual instructor-led courses, and in-person sessions—finding that blended learning yields better upfront results and provides ongoing reinforcement to keep employees learning.

“Adobe Captivate Prime helps us optimize online and offline teaching methods,” says Michael Watschke, Head of Product Enablement at Adobe. “For instance, we cut six weeks of online sales training to just three weeks by making it a blended course. Since moving to Captivate Prime, we’ve also realized a 20% increase in course completions.”

Plus, Captivate Prime’s Fluidic Player platform enables the team to deliver content in context—such as the Adobe sales kickoff portal—without a plugin or download. “By embedding the Fluidic Player in the kickoff site built using Adobe Experience Manager, we observed a 200 percent increase in year-over-year page visits,” says Amanda.


ADU even supports partners who help sell and support Adobe solutions. With granular security permissions and multi-tenant support in Adobe Captivate Prime, the Readiness and Enablement team can extend select content to more than 100,000 external learners through the company’s Solution Partner Portal.

In fact, the Adobe Solution Partner Program quadrupled the amount of learning content it offers. Partners now have access to more than 900 courses and have completed 120,000 in the past year.

Using Adobe Captivate Prime as the foundation of ADU, the Readiness and Enablement team has seemingly endless opportunities to enhance the learning experience. It plans to use the Social Learning feature to allow people to discuss content, with automatic curation powered by Adobe Sensei. The team also relies heavily on reporting to measure the effectiveness of courses and features such as gamification.

With so many possibilities to explore in Captivate Prime, even the team in charge of training gets to learn new things.

Adobe Digital University is built on Adobe Captivate Prime, delivering engaging content to thousands of employees and partners for a more educated workforce. Read more here.