Introducing Adobe Portfolio’s New Interface

by The Adobe Portfolio Team

posted on 12-05-2019

We’re excited to unveil a fresh new look for Adobe Portfolio! Designed with extensive user feedback in mind, our updated interface makes it even easier to create and customize your own website.

  1. New Customization Panel – our new customization panel gives you access to everything you need to create and craft your site. Now you can make all the edits from one central panel, from updating your theme to adding a video background.
  2. Explore Customizations – quickly scroll through the panel to unlock all of the possible modifications you can make to your Portfolio site.
  3. Fewer Dialogs – to help you focus, we’ve eliminated several of our overlay dialogs, so now you can continuously edit and simultaneously view your changes on the canvas.

Go ahead and update your Portfolio today! Adobe Portfolio makes it easier than ever before.

Our team’s hard at work and this is just the beginning — submit feedback for what you’d love to see through our UserVoice forum.

Topics: Creativity, Design