Adobe Winter Stock: Traditions with a Contemporary Twist

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 12-12-2019

Winter and the holidays have always been a time to slow down and connect with family and friends. And now, in the midst of our busy and digitised lives, it’s more important than ever to focus on real human connections and to take the time and space to care for ourselves and others.

At Adobe, we know that many people treasure yearly traditions of winter and the holidays, and that traditional topics resonate well with viewers. That said, we also know that with 24/7 content distribution, our visual culture is evolving faster than ever — and trends shift quickly.

With this in mind, we’ve carefully curated 10 new Adobe Stock winter and holiday collections that merge traditional western culture topics with contemporary trends and fresh new perspectives on the season — especially our need for connection.

We invite you to check out these collections, which show the season through a fresh creative lens as only Adobe can. You’ll find a broad range of asset types and image styles that can be used by all types of creatives, for everything from small DIY projects to advanced commercial campaigns.

Evolved seasonal palettes

While curating assets for these collections, we noticed nontraditional colour combinations emerging — not just the usual holiday reds and greens. We ran them through the Adobe Color Wheel and came up with four contemporary palettes that are very much of the 2019 season: Holiday Spice, Winter Blues, Rustic Weekend, and Pink Champagne.

In Holiday Spice, various shades of orange take center stage, complemented by peaches and greens to conjure up the scent of evergreens and a warm cup of wassail. Winter Blues captures the chill of clear skies and cold nights through various shades of blues, tan, and black. In Rustic Weekend, muted reds, blue, gray, and brown create the desire to escape to a cabin and curl up in front of a fire. And Pink Champagne toasts the season and new year with the sparkle of pinks, gold, mauve, and, of course, champagne.

Homebodies unite

Image source: Adobe Stock / Irina Kruglova.

Our Gather collection focuses on spending time with families and friends, and embracing the comforts of home. Time spent at home continues to rise as technology makes the home a hub for even more activities, including work, entertainment, and fitness. Inter-generational visuals, diversity, and inclusivity in seasonal gatherings take the spotlight here.

Thanksgiving traditions, old and new

Image source: Adobe Stock / Bonninstudio/Stocksy.

Our Thanksgiving collection presents the pillars of this day’s traditions: gratitude, and nourishing body and soul with good food and good company. It reflects the growing “Friendsgiving” trend, where people choose to celebrate the holiday with their closest friends. We’re also seeing a demand for visuals of alternative family structures, and creative templates for customised invitations and table place cards.

The art of holiday decorating

Image source: Adobe Stock / Anna Cor.

How many of us remember going out as a family to find a Christmas tree? Or maybe it was setting up the menorah and candles. However, you celebrate the season, decorating for the holidays is an annual ritual that forges lifelong memories. Our Decorate collection captures these moments with a fresh new take, including the trend of decorating houseplants (it’s more sustainable!), and the global trend of DIY and crafting. With people everywhere making their own decorations to dress up their homes and to give to loved ones, we’ve provided a wide range of templates and vectors that you can personalise.

Giving, redefined

Image source: Adobe Stock / Elin Svensson.

These days, giving encompasses so much more than presents. While we all delight in finding the perfect gift for friends and loved ones, we’re seeing a big trend toward volunteering and being generous with our time. It’s the “giving glow,” or the satisfaction we feel when tending to each other and to the earth. The images in our Giving collection explore what it means to be generous and to give of ourselves. You’ll find robust content representing ways of supporting those in need and engaging in community gatherings.

Cause for celebration

Image source: Adobe Stock / Robinson Media Inc/Stocksy.

Our Celebrate collection is all about fun and festivities, glitter, and glitz — with images that help you celebrate winter, enjoy the holidays, and ring in the new year. The big trend in holiday celebrations this year is personalised invitations. So, we’ve curated a variety of assets that help you create your own designs to make a meaningful connection before the party even begins.

Nourishing body and soul

Image source: Adobe Stock / Christiann Koepke.

From the Thanksgiving table to the holiday buffet, food plays a vital role in our winter and holiday gatherings. Traditional foods continue to be front and center, as is sharing recipes across generations. But people are also experimenting with new and interesting dishes. And there’s a growing interest in plant-based diets and healthier eating. This is all reflected in our Nourish collection, which conjures up feelings of warmth and comfort through its beautiful photos of traditional foods, vegetarian and vegan meals, and the ingredients to prepare them.

The perfect touch

Image source: Adobe Stock / Pierell.

Fuzzy winter sweaters. Frozen ice crystals. The satisfying feeling of petting a dog. The images in our All The Feels collection capture all the tactile experiences of winter. In the midst of our digital daily lives, our desire for these kinds of rich textures and tactility is stronger than ever. This collection also captures how pets have become members of our families, and the trend to make them cozy in warm sweaters or cuddle with them in soft blankets. We love how this collection offers such a broad range of tactile experiences and perspectives.

Rest, relax, and restore

Image source: Adobe Stock / Cavan Images.

The holiday season can be a challenging time. Many of us feel overwhelmed by the season’s schedules and expectations. Fortunately, we’re seeing a trend toward managing the stress that comes with the season. Our Restore collection is filled with images that convey a sense of calm, relaxation, and finding one’s center. You’ll find images of mindfulness, yoga, spa time, and quiet, restorative moments. And fun times, too — those can be just as restorative.

Embracing winter and wellness

Image source: Adobe Stock / Michael Schauer.

Consistent with connecting to oneself and others, mindful travel is also trending. More people are taking vacations that focus on wellness, fitness, and screen-free time. Our Winter Retreat collection is an immersive view of winter travel, from skiing in the tundra to exploring ice caves to sledding with the kids. The images range from quiet moments in nature to extreme winter adventures, and from gorgeous photography to fun illustrations.

Timeless and tropical

Image source: Adobe Stock / Stas Pylypets/Stocksy.

There’s nothing like the beach to beat the winter blues. That’s why tropical destinations will always be popular. In our Tropical Retreat collection, we’ve curated a wealth of visuals of warm, relaxing places as well as assets reflecting the current “botanical boom” in design. You’ll find abstracts of everything tropical, including huge palm leaves and tropical plants. And of course, the traditional favourites like beautiful resorts and pristine blue waters.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Ksenia Shokorova.

We like to think of these curated collections as offering visuals of traditions with trending elements. They’re filled with forward-thinking images, illustrations, templates, vectors, and videos that represent the latest trends, ideas, colours, perspectives, and textures. All of these things help you capture and communicate the season in projects that look and feel relevant and resonate to viewers now.

With something for everyone — from individual designers to enterprise organisations — we think you’ll find everything you need. And everything you didn’t know you wanted.

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