Power Your Creative Workflow Anywhere, Anytime with ASUS ProArt

by ASUS Content Team

posted on 12-18-2019

In our always-on, always-connected world, the spotlight can point your way at any time. Creative fortunes rise and fall as fast as audiences can scroll through Instagram feeds and Snapchat stories. To ascend to the peak of your craft — or to stay king of the hill — you need tools that let you seamlessly shepherd your ideas from concept to completion, no matter where you are. Tools that help you make the most of your flow, not ones that break you out of it when you can’t find the right dongle or type the right letters. Tools that work with you, not against you. Because when fame and fortune come knocking, your next masterpiece needs to be ready — no matter what.

To help creators catch the spark of inspiration wherever they are, ASUS engineers have listened and learned from them to develop a complete creative toolbox. ProArt StudioBook laptops deliver the professional-grade portable hardware you need to run demanding applications wherever an idea strikes. We’ve partnered with Adobe to ensure that they work great with all the Creative Suite applications you know and love. Our latest ProArt displays embrace the future with high dynamic range and wide color gamut capabilities, and they’re factory-calibrated to help your creations shine their brightest before they hit the big screen. And ProArt desktops don’t just give you the most creative power possible in the studio — they’re designed to blend right into your carefully curated workspace, too.

Whether you’re at the airport, on a job site to watch your architectural vision take shape, or on location for your next shoot, having an uncompromised portable PC is mandatory for making the most of your time. ProArt StudioBook notebooks don’t just include unflinching power from Intel processors and NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics. We pair that power with high-resolution displays ready to show off the work of designers, photographers, and cinematographers. Coverage of the DCI P3 and Adobe RGB color gamuts, plus Pantone Validation, ensures that StudioBook screens reproduce your work accurately.

Unbridled power is just the start of how our engineers support creative endeavors. We also think over every square millimeter of our notebooks to find new ways to help you make the most of your time. For example, the StudioBook Pro X includes our unique ScreenPad 2.0, a secondary display that takes the area formerly occupied by a single-purpose trackpad and empowers it to do much more. You can put tutorial videos or sites on the ScreenPad while you work or enjoy your favorite music or videos without interrupting your Photoshop or Premiere work.

Creativity requires flexibility, and we took this message to heart as we chose the ports to include in our StudioBooks. At a minimum, you’ll find a full range of USB Type-A and Type-C ports so that you can plug in everything you need, wherever you are. Built-in SD card readers and Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C ports on select StudioBooks further enhance the range of connectivity available from these portable powerhouses. Wherever you are, a lost or forgotten dongle won’t stand between you and your work.

ProArt displays stand ready to create the future

The future of immersion in cinema and game development lies in high dynamic range (HDR) and wide color gamut (WCG) content, and the creators making that content need displays that are up to the task of reproducing the blackest blacks, whitest whites, and every color of the rainbow in between.

The ProArt Display PA32UCX and upcoming ProArt Display PA32UCG stand at the forefront of the HDR revolution. The PA32UCX uses a Mini-LED backlight comprising 1,152 local dimming zones to allow the brightest highlights and darkest shadows to coexist in peace on screen. The Mini-LED backlight can reach peak brightness of 1200 nits, and support for the Rec.2020, DCI-P3, and Adobe RGB color gamuts provides color that’s both vivid and versatile. Support for Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log-Gamma, and HDR10 makes the PA32UCX an ideal platform for creators targeting a range of HDR delivery formats.

The upcoming ProArt Display PA32UCG ups the ante even further for the most demanding creators. The PA32UCG maintains the PA32UCX’s 4K resolution, Mini-LED backlight, enviable color reproduction, and range of HDR format support, but it turns up HDR highlights to a peak brightness of 1600 nits. Game developers and cinema pioneers alike will appreciate the PA32UCG’s 120Hz refresh rate, and variable refresh rate support from 48Hz to 120Hz lets the monitor deliver the highest image quality in games where refresh rates aren’t always consistent.

We know that the creation of HDR content doesn’t just happen in the grading suite or screening room, and that’s why we created the portable ProArt PQ22UC. This slim screen comes with a foldable, detachable stand for use on the go, and its 22” size makes it easy to pack into a Pelican case or even a large bag. For example, Colorist Society International President Kevin Shaw loves the PQ22UC’s mobility for his instructional work with the International Colorist Academy, where classes can’t always happen in a full grading suite. The PQ22UC lets Kevin work with his students wherever he is.

The PQ22UC’s RGB sub-pixel OLED panel delivers incredible blacks and contrast, and true 10-bit color allows for 99% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut for vivid images. We further include support for HDR10, Hybrid Log-Gamma, and Dolby Vision rendering targets, allowing you to preview your content as it’ll appear on the big screen no matter where you are.

ProArt desktops fuse form and function

In the studio, creators need desktop computers that deliver the most power possible for fluid work and swift turnaround of completed projects. Those systems can’t just be generic black boxes, either. They have to seamlessly integrate into spaces that are intimate expressions of the creators that work in them and draw inspiration from them.

The ProArt Station D940MX threads this needle with a carefully designed exterior that blends form and function into a cohesive whole. Its clean, asymmetric design not only puts a range of fast connectivity right at creators’ fingertips. It also opens up room for more cool air to reach the powerful Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics cards inside, allowing those components to run at peak performance over the course of the most demanding 3D or video workflows. Noise levels of just 37dB under load mean the D940MX won’t draw attention to itself as it brings life to your masterpieces. And a smart LED indicator at the base of the chassis switches between blue under load and white at rest to let you know when your work is finished processing.

Consider our entire family of ProArt notebooks, displays, and desktops, and you’ll find a complete array of creative canvases that are carefully designed to help you make your mark no matter where you are. Whether you choose a ProArt StudioBook, a ProArt display, or a ProArt desktop, you’ll find examples of flexibility and innovative thinking that help you make the most of your flow and rise to the top of your craft. Adobe MAX attendees learned what ProArt products can do for them.

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