Your 2020 Creative Resolutions

by Lex van den Berghe

posted on 01-02-2020

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties… Part II: Double the Roar! A century ago, creativity and culture were alight and stirring up some pretty cool stuff. New types of music, dance and art sprung into being and fueled creatives across all mediums. A century before that saw the advent of a little thing known as photography! Now, the 1820s and 1920s were a great time for creativity, but we think you can top them this century.

This decade is about to go off with a blast. And we know that because we talked with six Photoshop artists and photographers who all-but promised ingenuity in the year(s) to come. They formed creative resolutions for 2020 and then (here’s the kicker) they put them into writing! They signed a legally binding (well, not really) contract with themselves to push the boundaries of their own artistic space. This commitment helps these artists hold themselves accountable.

If you hadn’t guessed it by now, we’re also challenging you to form your own creative resolutions for the 2020s. Take the #CreativeResolution pledge and push yourself to step up your creative game. Which goal will you commit to?

Take inspiration from these creators and then commit to your own resolutions so we can make this decade the best twenties yet!

Create with purpose

Image by Vanessa Rivera.

“Numbers ebb and flow like many other things in life, and we don’t have much control over them, yet we obsess over them. This new year, I’m letting go of the number game, and I’m focusing on something that lasts forever: ART. But not just creating pretty or funny images, instead I want to create art with purpose. In 2020, I want to focus on creating art that educates and empowers. We forget how powerful art is. It is the one thing that lasts forever, shapes society and cultures, and documents world history. As an artist, I want to create art that tells the story of our world.” – Vanessa Rivera

Tell a story

Image by Garrett King.

“In the new year, I’d like to really push myself to tell more stories through my work. I feel like it’s been something that’s grown on me and I have a passion for it. I want to focus on more humanitarian work and using my social media influence to bring awareness. I’d like to create more out of my comfort zone in this new year. Challenge is good and growth is essential.” – Garrett King


Image by Fernando Monroy.

“My main goal for 2020 is to keep creating work that inspires other people to create. I want to share my vision of the world, try things I’ve never done before and entertain my amazing audience with things they never thought I would do. I would also love to collaborate with more artists in 2020 and start making a community with my work.” – Fernando Monroy

Develop new skills

Image by Shaun Ryken.

“As artists, we always need to keep expanding our knowledge by trying new things. This year I would like to get more comfortable with mobile editing. Since Photoshop on iPad was released it would be great to get more flexible with my workspace and edit on the go. When I move around my work area it really inspires my creativity to flex its weird side with creating new perspectives. 2020 here I come!” – Shaun Ryken

Try new things

Image by Bronte Huskinson.

“In 2020, there are so many things I’d like to accomplish. I’d love to step up my editing by learning new skills and tricks to try something new. I really enjoy challenging myself, so I think it would be fun to start experimenting with creating my own presets. Overall in 2020, I just want to try new things!” – Bronte Huskinson


Image by Eli Rezkallah.

“My work has always been about creating an alternative reality, a more colorful place that could make the gray world we live in at the moment a little more bearable. I hope I will be inspired enough to create projects that touch and inspire LGBTQ+ Arab youth to never stop dreaming of a better and brighter future as it gets harder every day to think of one’s career while you’re fighting for your basic rights on the daily.” – Eli Rezkallah

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