Nintex Closes the Loop on a Fully Digital Sales Workflow, Switching to Adobe Sign from DocuSign

Adobe Sign brings powerful e-signature capabilities to Nintex Drawloop DocGen® and Nintex Workflow Cloud, helping save 35,000 hours of work.

by Doug Thompson

posted on 01-09-2020

Customer experiences are typically associated with branding and marketing—including the multitude of online touch points from ads and emails to website personalization.

For B2B companies, however, the customer experience extends far beyond marketing, as sales teams pick up on leads, interact with prospects, bring new customers on board, and drive renewals year after year. B2B sales transactions can be lengthy and complex, often hinging on manual documentation traded back and forth via email.

As the market leader in end-to-end process management and automation, Nintex is well-versed in B2B sales processes. Its solutions help solve inefficiencies and delays, not only for customers but also for Nintex itself. One powerful solution is a document generation workflow solution called Nintex Drawloop DocGen, which streamlines renewal and onboarding transactions.

Like thousands of its own customers, Nintex leverages Drawloop DocGen solution for its contract and renewals processes, which are essential for bringing in sales revenue. But as the company grew, its sales operations team looked for additional ways to scale as its business expanded rapidly around the world.

“One core challenge we were looking to solve is that we had a small team processing thousands of contract renewals each month, and that wasn’t scalable in our out-of-the-box Salesforce environment,” says Charlie Dordevich, Nintex’s VP of sales operations. “We added Apttus to automate the configure, price, quote (CPQ) process, but there were still pieces missing from the overall workflow.”

Completing the workflow with the right e-signature solution

Signatures were a big piece of the puzzle, and Nintex initially used DocuSign to complete the process. But over time it became clear that DocuSign was missing key capabilities and Nintex needed a more versatile, easier-to-use option.

“Signatures are a critical part of our business, and we needed an e-signature solution that could enhance the Nintex Workflow Cloud and handle our specific requirements,” said Charlie. “With its market leadership and powerful functionality, we knew Adobe Sign was the right solution for us.”

Nintex moved to Adobe Sign because it offers a better user interface (UI), with the ability to carry out most tasks within Salesforce—rather than having to navigate to the DocuSign administrator page. Adobe Sign also offers greater control over functionality such as blind carbon copy (Bcc:) and field tagging. Additionally, implementation was quick and easy, taking only three days to migrate off DocuSign and get up and running with Adobe Sign.

Now, Adobe Sign is embedded into the Nintex Drawloop DocGen solution and the Nintex Workflow Cloud platform as a whole, creating an end-to-end digital workflow. Nintex created Workflow Cloud to help customers manage, automate, and optimize their business processes and easily integrate into different environments and tools they already use.

Ninety days before renewal, the solution automatically generates a quote, populating the appropriate fields accurately and thoroughly—thanks to Nintex Drawloop and Adobe Sign. The document then routes to the customer for signing via Adobe Sign. The Nintex DocGen workflow extends to fulfillment as well, with signed contracts triggering an order in the company’s NetSuite ERP system.

Empowering the sales team

With Adobe Sign and Apttus integrated with the Drawloop DocGen solution, the results have been stunning.

“What we’ve essentially been able to do is take recurring processes, which involves more than 8,000 public and private sector clients across 90 countries, and automate the end-to-end sales process for our customer base,” Charlie said. “This means that our sales team now has more time to work directly with customers on solving their digital transformation challenges, rather than spending time on manual work.”

A nearly universal B2B workflow

Sales processes are central to the B2B customer experience, and companies need to do all they can to avoid unnecessary friction and delays. With Adobe Sign as part of the Drawloop DocGen workflow, the Nintex sales operations team has dramatically increased its ability to scale, driving revenue and growth.

Other software-as-a-service companies can follow suit, adopting Nintex Drawloop DocGen and Adobe Sign, with powerful form field recognition powered by Adobe Sensei, coupled with the Nintex Workflow Cloud to streamline renewals and net-new opportunities—whether they use Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Steelbrick, or any other CRM or CPQ system.

Nintex created a fully digital and automated renewal process by adopting Adobe Sign as part of the Nintex Workflow Cloud. To learn how Adobe Sign can help your organization speed up business transactions, contact us today.

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