Adobe employees celebrate diversity & inclusion recognition

Adobe employees have played a central role in building our Adobe For All momentum – from growing our employee networks to activating Adobe For All In Action within their teams.

This week, we’re celebrating Adobe’s recognition for the advancement of diversity and inclusion by three different organizations: Forbes, Bloomberg, and The Human Right Campaign Foundation.

To celebrate these achievements, employees shared what Adobe diversity and inclusion programs, events, or activities they have been most proud of. The select examples below exemplify the passion our employees have for the Adobe For All vision.

Toccara Baker
Senior Product Marketing Manager

“I am most proud of the work that has been done with the London Black Employee Network. We recently worked with Amazon and hosted a storytelling night allowing Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) members of the London community to share what “home” meant to them. It was deeply personal, inspiring, and created a way to get to know one another on a new level – it was a new and exciting way to connect our community.”

Erica Carr
Alliance Manager

“The Women’s Executive Shadow Program (WESP) has been an integral part of my entire career at Adobe. From getting into the program, volunteering, and now running the program, I have met so many incredible women that pushed me to think deeply about my career and to become a better leader. I landed my current role because of WESP and will forever be personally and professionally grateful for being a part of it.”

Mira Dontcheva
Principal Scientist

“I am really proud of creating the Adobe Research Women-In-Technology Scholarship. In just 5 years we have awarded 57 scholarships. 28% of the Scholars who have graduated have gone on to graduate school (as compared to 6% on average). Thanks to this program more women are continuing to study computer science and are pursuing graduate school and research careers.”

Shauna Ehninger
Software Development Engineer

“Planning the Pride Parade entry has been the highlight of my past couple of years–it’s an amazing experience to take over the streets of Salt Lake on a Sunday surrounded by love. Creatively representing Adobe while giving back to my local LGBTQ+ community warms my heart to the core.”

Ruchira Garg
Director, India ERC and Business Partnering

“I am most proud of having the opportunity to facilitate a conversation at the Adobe for All India and Asia Summit with Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil and Major DP Singh. The crown prince of Rajpipla is the first member of a royal family to come out of the closet and Major Singh is a Kargil war veteran who faced serious injuries in the line of action, survived to be India’s first amputee marathon runner, and is famously known as India’s Blade Runner.”

Antonio Humphreys
Senior Manager, Global Procurement, Sales and Marketing

“I’m most proud of the Hispanic Heritage Month events_ we’ve hosted each September to showcase the breadth of our Hispanic and Latinx cultures across the Americas and Iberian peninsula by sharing unique ‘flavors’ of our food, music, and dance with our fellow Adobe communities.”

Melisa Im
Software Engineer

“Nothing has changed my life quite like the Adobe Digital Academy_ has. It opened a door to a career in tech, financial stability, and the groundwork for intergenerational wealth. Now, as part of the alumni network, I get to support, mentor, and inspire the next wave of underrepresented minorities in tech.”

Courtney Miller
Strategic Customer Success Manager

“As a member of the LGBTQ community, Adobe is by far the best work culture I have ever experienced throughout my career and the authenticity of the Adobe For All Summit literally brought me to tears. Feeling seen and empowered, I’ve since launched the first-ever Adobe team for the California AIDS/Lifecycle ride.”

Geoffrey Oxholm
Senior Research Manager

“I’m proud of all the grass-roots ‘lifting up’ folks do at Adobe. When you want to make the world a better, more equitable place through mentorship, sponsorship, or volunteering, coworkers and management line up to help you achieve your goals.”

Maria Yap
Vice President, Digital Imaging

Telling my story at the Adobe For All Summit taught me a lot about diversity and inclusion. I learned that we all have a story and there is more to a person than what you see. When I meet someone, the first thing that pops into my mind is ‘What’s their story?’ We should all strive to listen to each other’s story because they are all diverse and it will make us all feel more included.”

Learn more about what we’re accomplishing with Adobe For All on our Diversity site.