Introducing: Productions in Premiere Pro

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 01-27-2020

By Van Bedient

Productions: Available today in Premiere Pro

We’re delighted to announce that Productions is available today in Premiere Pro. Productions provides new tools for managing projects, sharing assets between them, and keeping everything organised, whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with a team.

We’ve seen tremendous growth of Premiere Pro among filmmakers, which has created a demand for new features like Productions. Through festivals like Sundance—where more films than ever this year used Premiere Pro—we’ve had the opportunity to meet many brilliant new storytellers and learn about how they use the Adobe creative tools.

The new Productions feature set for Premiere Pro was designed from the ground up with input from top filmmakers and Hollywood editorial teams. Early versions of the underlying technology were battle-tested on recent films such as Terminator: Dark Fate and Dolemite is My Name. Special builds of Premiere Pro with Productions are being used now in editorial on films like David Fincher’s MANK.

Productions streamlines collaborative workflows on shared local storage.

When you have large or complex projects, Productions allows you to divide them into smaller pieces. For example, an editorial team working on a film can organise their workflow around reels and scenes. Episodic shows can be grouped by season, so it’s easy to access other shows to retrieve things like title sequences or audio elements. Agencies can allocate a Production to each client, so they can quickly reference and retrieve assets from existing projects.

Organised, and synchronised

Media referencing across projects means you can re-use assets within your Production without creating duplicates. This helps you keep individual projects light and fast.

The new Production panel in Premiere Pro provides a command centre for managing multi-project workflows. Any projects you add to the Productions folder become part of the Production. Whether you are working on macOS or Windows, any changes you make on disk are reflected in Premiere Pro; changes in Premiere Pro are applied on disk. Productions keep everything in sync.

Designed for collaboration

Using shared local storage, multiple editors can work on different projects in the same Production. Project Locking ensures that no one overwrites your work: your colleagues can still access your project, and copy content from it, but they can’t make changes until you’ve completed your edit.

All projects in a Production share the same settings, including scratch disks. This means that preview files rendered by one editor are available for all editors who use that project, ensuring smooth playback and time-saving for the whole team.

Productions maintains a 1:1 relationship with your OS folder structure, syncing changes both ways

The Production panel gives you a bird’s eye view of all your projects and shows you who is working on what so you and your team can track your progress.

Security: you control your media

With Productions, you have full control of your content. Your projects and assets can live entirely on your local storage. Nothing is on the cloud unless you put it there. If needed, you can do all your work without an internet connection.

Modern tools for modern filmmakers

The Adobe creative applications are continually evolving, meeting the real-world needs of modern filmmakers. Productions provides established professionals and aspiring storytellers alike with new tools for staying organised, managing projects efficiently, and collaborating easily. Productions is available today in the latest release of Premiere Pro.

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