Adobe Celebrates 20 Years on Fortune’s List of 100 Best Companies to Work For

We could not be more excited to announce that today marks Adobe’s 20th year on Fortune Magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For! This year Adobe came in at no. 35.

Being recognized as a Best Company to Work For in the last two decades is a monumental achievement, and we couldn’t have done it without our employees. We understand that being named a great place to work isn’t just a title—it’s about the people and the communities that are built inside and outside the company. When people ask us what the secret is to fostering an environment where employees feel fulfilled, we often tell them it’s because almost everyone who works here has a nostalgic memory about an Adobe experience. Maybe they remember their first time witnessing the mind-blowing power of Photoshop, or that excitement of signing their offer letter with Adobe Sign. Our status as a company that’s over 35 years old gives us roots in many people’s childhoods and their future, and it shows in our passionate workforce everyday.

To celebrate this milestone, here are 20 reasons to love Adobe, as contributed by our employees in the anonymous Great Place to Work survey.


“Adobe truly is a great place to work. Equality is always top of mind, supportive place for working mothers, and a really engaging culture!”

“The people make Adobe a great place to work. They are respectful, smart, collaborative and open to new ideas.”

“The people here are incredibly intelligent, driven and talented and work well together. People come to work inspired and empowered to make a difference and accomplish new things in their careers.”

“My coworkers are amazing people from very diverse backgrounds that teach me new things, and are great people to see every day!”

“Adobe embraces the uniqueness in all of its employees and creates a safe space for us to be ourselves at work.”

“I really like the Adobe For All mantra. Adobe is all about inclusion and diversity regardless of gender, sexual orientation and race.”

“The office facilities are amazing, with a full gym and three cafeterias in our headquarters, but it’s the people that I come to work to be with.”


“What I love about Adobe is that the company is a combination of intelligence and creativity, as well as the company’s acceptance of people who march to the beat of a different drummer.”

“Sabbatical after every 5 years with the company provides a wonderful opportunity for employees to recharge and reflect.”

“The benefits are great for such a large company! It’s a very collaborative environment unlike other companies in Silicon Valley.”

“Some of my favorite things about Adobe: equal benefits, salary, and opportunities for both men and women. A couple examples: women are paid at 100% parity to men. Fathers get just as much Paternity Leave as women would for maternity.”

“The compensation plans for high performers and stability are the reasons I continue to work here. Great work is rewarded!”

“Our products drive a creative nature that permeates around the organization.”

“Adobe often sets up various sessions to empower and aid employees to manage and drive their career growth.”


“Not many tech companies of this size achieve this level of growth and opportunity, and have been around as long.”

“Our direct, close interaction and relationship with users and artists is unique in the industry. Not to mention our focus on turning cutting edge academic research into products.”

“No other place, at its core, combines the creativity to inform science, and vice versa. I am proud of our solutions and directions and the honor to serve our customers.”

“We have global brand recognition and company name is a synonym with creativity!”

“This company is over 35 years old, and it is still going strong. It is not afraid to take on challenges and risk. A specific example is the switch to subscription-based software. It still amazes me that Adobe was one of the first large desktop software companies that went all-in with subscriptions and found huge success with the business model.”

“I have never worked for a company that has such a strong brand for which many customers are so passionate. The brand and our commitment to maintaining that brand contribute greatly to the pride I feel when saying I work at Adobe.”

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