Empowering Creators Around the World to Share and Succeed: New Features in Adobe Portfolio and Adobe Live

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by Disha Rustogi

posted on 02-20-2020

Adobe Creative Cloud is the world’s only fully integrated platform for creativity. It pairs an array of industry leading applications with services that accelerate time to market, allow teams to collaborate seamlessly and provide inspiration, along with an ability to showcase your talent.

At Adobe, we are constantly innovating to make Creative Cloud even better, and we are excited to share some major updates to two of our services: Adobe Portfolio, which allows creatives to publish beautiful websites, and Adobe Live, our Adobe-produced livestreaming on Behance, our community website.Together, these services help you showcase your work and get inspiration from other amazing creators like never before.

Adobe Portfolio has launched a fresh UI update, along with new functionality that helps users connect their own domain to their sites. Meanwhile, Behance’s Adobe Live has gone global, launching its German-language live stream service, Adobe Live auf Deutsch, and welcoming more of Adobe’s talented contributors and designers from the Asia-Pacific region to the family, thanks to our new Australian content efforts. Read on for more details about these announcements.

Adobe Portfolio: Now simpler to share your work, on the domain you want

Since inception, Adobe Portfolio hasScreenshot from the new Adobe Portfolio Domain Connect module which allows users to specify a custom domain for their portfolio. been an incredible tool for creators who need an easy solution for showcasing their work. Here are three key updates we’ve made to the service to make it even more effective:

1. It’s now easier than ever to use your own domain. With Domain Connect, you can easily connect your domain to your Adobe Portfolio with the click of just a few buttons. “Many users have asked for a simpler way to connect their own domains and we listened. We know it’s important for our users to uplevel their portfolio with a personal domain, so we simplified the process with Domain Connect,” said Juhie Tamboli, senior product manager of Adobe Portfolio.

2. The updated interface makes it even easier to create and customize your website. Our latest update allows you to browse and access all your customizations in one scrollable panel. Specifically, we rolled out the following changes:

3. Get tips and tricks for building an impactful Portfolio, along with advice from creative career experts. We’re rolling out a set of resources on portfolio.adobe.com from 99U, covering everything from guides on how to write an impactful ‘about me’ statement to tips for excelling in your creative career.

This second quote from Juhie sums it up best. “Ultimately, we want to make it simpler for users to create a Portfolio site they love and want to share, whether that be a personal photography project or a showcase of professional work to land a job.”

A screenshot of Rose van der Ende's portfolio website created with Adobe Portfolio.

Adobe Live goes global: Behance now features content from German and Australian creators

Creativity is a global skill and talented creators are everywhere. On any given day, designers across the world can visit Adobe Live on Behance to see live streams that feature other creators showcasing their work, talent, and expertise. Now, we’re expanding Adobe Live in ways that will give more creators a place to share and inspire others without boundaries:

  1. We’ve added our German-language live streaming service to Behance, Adobe Live auf Deutsch. This is a dedicated channel with live streams in German (which means even more exciting design content out there on the Behance platform).
  2. More creators from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, more local content on Behance. We’re expanding our content production efforts to include Asia-Pacific, which means more live streams from Australian and other regional creators.This new content will be added to the English-language collection of Adobe Live content on Behance.

A UX design live stream on Adobe Live, with Patricia Reiners and host Rufus Deuchler, in German and now easily discoverable via Adobe Live auf Deutsch.

A UX design live stream on Adobe Live, with Patricia Reiners and host Rufus Deuchler, in German and now easily discoverable via Adobe Live auf Deutsch.

“This better allows users to experience the creative process of others in their own locale, connect with local communities, as well as get to know global role models to stretch their creativity,” said Carol Linburn, Director of Community Engagement working on Adobe Live, adding that these new content efforts will mean it’s easier for designers in Europe and Australia/New Zealand to tune in live during their time zone, when it’s more convenient for them.

Again, Carol sums it up beautifully. “Inspiration comes from everywhere, and that’s why we’re bringing worldwide Adobe Live content to Behance to showcase creative work from Adobe’s global audience.”

Behind the scenes at Adobe Live's new Sydney studio.

Adobe Live’s new Sydney studio.

More exciting enhancements to come

It’s an exciting time to be a digital creative, with more demand, resources and investment in creativity than ever before. We’re thrilled to be able to better support your needs with Adobe Portfolio and Adobe Live, and we have plans to continue making these services better.

So, go out and build (or refresh) your portfolio today, and if you need some inspiration, head over to Adobe Live (in English or German) to connect with the world’s creative leaders, as they share their work and passion and wait to hear from you.

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