Adobe Stock is the New Exclusive Home of Both Hero and Caia, Plus an Expanded EyeEm Premium Collection, All in One Place

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Image source: Hero Images / Adobe Stock.

We’re kicking off the year with a new statement of our commitment to elevating our Premium offer: we’re proud to announce Adobe Stock is the new home to Hero Images and Caia Image, and we’re expanding our collaboration with EyeEm.

As longtime veterans of the stock industry, Hero and Caia bring an unparalleled understanding of the nuances and caliber of high-end, hard-to produce photography and video productions with unique needs, subjects, and scenarios in top industries. Notably, both agencies are renowned for their authentic recreations of fully-released large conferences, ranging from empowering the voices in disability to capturing the inspiration of TED Talk-style scenarios, the thrill of marathons, the exuberance of being at LGBTQ PRIDE, largescale sporting events, and the intimate moments and experiences within diverse families.

Image source: Top: Hero Images; Bottom: Caia Image (left); Hero Images (right) / Adobe Stock.

With Adobe Stock’s commitment to growing our Premium collection in 2020 comes our growing emphasis on championing long-time professionals who know how to execute. That means supporting industry veterans in promoting high-production values and subtle subjects important to discerning clients who have struggled to get their needs met, while still keeping in mind the needs of emerging creative communities. Adobe Stock is uniquely positioned to both drive trends, and present existing trends with a commercial viability that professional content creators understand.

“Adobe Stock takes a unique approach and perspective,” says Brianna Wettlaufer, Head of Content at Adobe Stock. “Adobe’s mission is to represent creatives and creators at the intersection of our applications and technology innovations, all while supporting artists’ ability to find financial success with their work. This drives us to ensure we come from a place of supporting inspiration and discovery for all.”

“We’ve always been inspired by the Adobe brand and their commitment to empower creativity,” says Heather McNeill, co-founder and CEO of Hero Images. “We share a passion for creative integrity, and revel in offering consumers better options. We’re very excited to partner with the Adobe team to drive a premium content offering and image solutions that will help inspire others to do their best work.”

See the Hero Images collection on Adobe Stock Premium.

Image source: Hero Images / Adobe Stock.

Jonathan Gibson, co-founder and Director of Caia Image, agrees.

“We are very excited to bring the Caia Image collection to Adobe’s global creative community,” he says. “Adobe and Caia Image share the same ethos in wanting to provide the very best of the best visual assets to fully support the creative community in all its forms. Creatives around the world, including all the partners at Caia, use the Creative Cloud. We see perfect synchronicity in our goal to now be a part of that.”

See the Caia Image collection on Adobe Stock Premium.

Image source: Caia image (left); Caia Image (right) / Adobe Stock.

In addition to providing for the needs of high-end commercial, Adobe Stock is also committed to championing creative communities. That’s why we’re proud to announce the significant expansion of EyeEm’s Premium Partner collection, bringing authentic, localized perspectives from their international community of visual artists around the world. This expansion ensures that no matter where you or your client project is located, Adobe Stock Premium will have authentic perspectives by creators in that region.

Image source: ming-ju hsieh/EyeEm / Adobe Stock.

Given EyeEm’s deep roots in the global creative community, an engagement with Adobe was a perfect fit.

“We are excited to offer yet another avenue for our 25 million strong community of photographers to be rewarded for their work,” says Florian Meissner, co-founder and CEO of EyeEm. “Adobe has been empowering creatives for decades. They are a natural partner on our mission to nurture the next generation of visual artists.”

Adobe Stock is already the exclusive home of the VSCO community—known for unique, artistic visuals that center empowerment and diverse representation—and the Stocksy community—renowned for their curatorial approach to stock. Now, we are incredibly excited expand our ability to create the most unique search experience among any Premium product available.

“All of us at Adobe Stock are thrilled to deepen our collaboration with EyeEm,” says Brianna. “With such a unique and integrity-driven community, we look forward to how together we can support creators in their global perspectives of how we see and express beauty and creativity around the world.”

Image source: kavya tiwari/EyeEm (left); gareth hayman/EyeEm (right) / Adobe Stock.

See the EyeEm collection on Adobe Stock Premium.

Earlier this year Adobe Stock published our annual Creative Trends. We look forward to collaborating with these leading content agencies in creating high-end, unique, original content to bring to life the stories of Me to We, Makeup is Not a Mask, All Ages Welcome, and Express Yourself, along with our Design and Motion trends.

Discover more about the new collections

Each of these three Premium agencies brings an exciting perspective and expertise to the Adobe Stock collection. Here’s a deeper look at what makes each of them unique.

Hero Images takes pride in their success in the North American market, having created an enviable, sustainable business. Today, they are a leading producer of authentic, hard-to-access medical content, among other specialties.

Image source: Top: Hero Images (left); Hero Images (right); Bottom: Hero Images / Adobe Stock.

Caia Image, based in London, has succeeded with a focus on hyper-localized talent, represented globally.

Both Hero and Caia stand out in the industry for their vision, their ability to meticulously plan and execute the most complex shoots involving many models and difficult property releases, and their commitment to accuracy in representing unique and in-demand subject matter.

Image source: Top: Caia Image (left), Caia Image (right); Bottom: Caia Image / Adobe Stock.

EyeEm offers a strong, global community with a wealth of authentic perspectives to discover.

Image source: EyeEm (left); EyeEm (center); EyeEym (right) / Adobe Stock.