36 Days of Type for 3D and AR

An example of the free collection of 40 letterform assets from Adobe Stock 3D.

Render created in Adobe Dimension by Erin Kim.

by Kimberly Potvin

posted on 02-28-2020

In 2019, Adobe Stock 3D along with Adobe Dimension participated in 36 Days of Type. We wanted to help all the creative storytellers out there make 3D part of their work with the tools, letterform assets, and tutorial steps needed for any artist to take part in this exciting challenge.

This year, we are excited to announce that we are again partnering with the 36 Days of Type team to provide artists with even more content to make this endeavor truly revolutionary. Whether you are interested in exploring the beautiful 3D compositions that can be created in Dimension or diving into the breathtaking immersive experiences that can be made in Adobe Aero, we have you covered.

To help enrich your experience, we have put together the following resources along with some amazing free content collections to get you started.

The free collection of 40 letterform assets from Adobe Stock 3D.



We are so excited to participate in 36 Days of Type again this year and cannot wait to see all the stunning 3D and AR works created by community. Let the typography fun begin!

To join the festivities, simply share your letterform renders or immersive experiences on social media using the hashtag #36daysoftype plus #36days_[LETTER/NUMBER]. For example, on the first day, the hashtag is #36days_A. Also, learn more about how to join our contest for a chance to win a one-year subscription to Creative Cloud and be sure to tag #adobedimension or #adobeaero so we can see what you have made!

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