Don’t Miss These Upcoming 2020 Scholarship Opportunities

Adobe invests in tomorrow’s creative, design, and technical innovators with scholarships, fellowships, and mentoring.

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by Michelle Crozier

posted on 03-02-2020

Over and over we’ve seen breakthrough innovations come from unexpected places. It could come from creatives and designers from less-than-linear backgrounds. It could be from creatives just starting their careers. Or it could be someone making the leap to a creative pursuit after decades in a “traditional” career. We want to be there, supporting all of them. Our scholarship programs are designed to help us do just that.

To achieve this, Adobe proudly invests in scholarships, grants, and career development programs for undergrads, graduate students, and career switchers alike to help motivate people on the path to success—and maybe the next big creative innovation.

If you’re looking to make big things happen in areas creative, design or technical—no matter where you are in your lifelong creative journey—we hope you’ll consider applying for these upcoming opportunities in 2020. Here’s what’s open now with more to come soon (see full list):

Adobe Creativity Scholarships — Apply by March 12

The Adobe Creativity Scholarships program provides college and post-secondary education tuition to young people who are pursuing study in a creative field, and using creativity as a force for positive social change.

Scholarship recipients come from all backgrounds around the world, with many being first-generation college students. They include a UK-based graphic design student using his innovative systems to combat climate change. They also include an autistic Irish app designer looking to use technology to help people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder envision and reach their full potential minds to innovate and inform the world around them.

The deadline is fast approaching. Apply now.

Design Circle Scholarships — Apply by March 12

We’re excited to kickoff the inaugural Design Circle Scholarship—as part of the Design Circle’s charter to create more visibility for design as a career path and opportunities for youth from diverse backgrounds entering the field. Comprising a group of senior design leaders from organizations large and small, including names like Google, IBM, Lyft, and NPR, the Design Circle will award scholarships to 10 promising designers who show special aptitude in learning and expressing themselves through design. The scholarship will cover up to $25,000 per year for each year of the recipient’s undergraduate education (up to four years), but it won’t be limited only to financial support. Perhaps even more valuable will be the mentoring that Design Circle members will offer to recipients while they are pursuing their education.

Like the Adobe Creativity Award, the Design Circle Scholarship application closes on March 12, so applicants are encouraged to apply soon.

Sundance Ignite Fellowships — Apply by March 31

We’re partnering with the Sundance Institute again to empower the next generation of storytellers with the Sundance Ignite Fellowship, focused on emerging filmmakers between 18-25 years old. Each year, as part of the Sundance Ignite Short Film Challenge, winners receive a yearlong apprenticeship with prominent filmmakers and mentors.

Applications are open now through March 31.

Helping creative and tech innovators break through

Adobe understands how challenging it can be for creative and technical innovators young and old to break into their chosen fields. They can be deterred by the financial cost or intimidated by the challenge of returning to college mid-career. Whatever the challenge, we believe none of these things should stand in the way of creativity and innovation—that’s why we invest heavily in removing barriers with scholarship, fellowship and mentorship opportunities. If these current opportunities aren’t a fit, there are a wide array of programs opening later this year, including the GEM Fellowship and Adobe Digital Academy. For with a full list of scholarships, fellowships and mentorships, see here.

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