Customizing a Licensed Motion Graphics Template: A Walkthrough

Graphic of man riding skateboard.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Wavebreak Media.

by Nic Dean

posted on 03-04-2020

Adobe Stock Motion Graphics templates (MoGRTS) can dramatically speed up your workflow. With access to thousands of titles, overlays, lower thirds, and more, you can quickly find and customize professionally-designed motion graphics right inside Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can create your own unique graphics package by using multiple MoGRTS in a video. Be consistent with fonts and colors to seamlessly blend your motion graphics and videos together. See how easy it is to customize two unique MoGRTS to create this example travel vlog:

MoGRTS Source: Liquid Overlay Story; Wave LowerThirds; / Adobe Stock.

Keep these five design principles in mind to customize your own sleek, professional motion graphics.

5 MoGRT design principles

  1. Busiest first
  1. Most to least important
  1. Customize your text
  1. Customize colors
  1. Balance all elements

Find the right template on Adobe Stock

To find Motion Graphics templates, select Templates on the Adobe Stock website. Current price tiers include standard (free) and premium (2 credits) content. Once you’ve selected a MoGRT you want to use, just choose License and follow the prompts to download it.

Find information about installing Motion Graphics templates on the HelpX page.

Using the Essential Graphics panel

To browse MoGRTS directly within Premiere Pro, open the Essential Graphics panel with the Graphics workspace or by selecting Window -> Essential Graphics. The My Templates view displays your Motion Graphics templates. You can store your templates locally or in your Creative Cloud Libraries.

To search through the entire Adobe Stock catalog, select the Adobe Stock view. Search by keywords in the search bar, and filter by free or premium to find the perfect assets for your project.

Find more information about browsing Motion Graphics templates on the on the HelpX page,.__

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