Meet the First Adobe XDI Team for the Americas

Photo of the first Adobe XDI team.

XDIs at Adobe in San Francisco (Feb 2020).

by Demian Borba

posted on 03-05-2020

Hello there, my name is Demian Borba, one of the first Product Managers for Adobe XD. I’m now part of the Strategic Development team for Adobe XD in North America, and I’m thrilled to share some great news with you.

Inspired by the amazing XDI program created by my friend Jay Meissner in Europe, we now have the first XDI team for the Americas!

XDI stands for XD instructors, a very special selected group of UX Design practitioners that can train enterprise customers on Adobe XD.

According to Jay, the term XDI started off with an acronym for XD Instructors but he quickly came to realize that his XDIs represent much more than just instructing: “they are inspirational, interfacing to the team, iterating, icebreaking, informing, insiders, improvers, ideators, Italians …and they are also incredible! As Phil Karlton once said: there are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. We decided to just leave it with XDI.”

Tom Krcha, one of the creators of XD, and now part of the first XDI team for the Americas, sharing the principles of XD with the other XDIs in the Bay Area.

Let’s get to know them!

XDIs guided by Andrew Shorten, Senior Director of Product Management for Adobe XD.

If your company needs training on Adobe XD, please reach out to me on Twitter (@demianborba) and we can discuss how one of these amazing XDIs can visit you and train your team.

Topics: Design

Products: Creative Cloud, XD