Celebrating Women Who Embody Our Adobe Capabilities

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 03-31-2020

At Adobe, the _how _is just as important as the _what _in everything we do. Our what — changing the world through digital experiences — is our mission and north star, and the Adobe Capabilities (Be Creative, Be Focused and Be a Leader) are the core actions and behaviors for how we achieve that. And as COVID-19 impacts the world around us, it’s never been more important to put our capabilities to work as we adapt to new circumstances.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting three Adobe employees who exemplify these Capabilities every day.

Be Creative: Amrita Madiah, Director, Talent Development, India

A headshot of Amrita.

Be Creative: Create what’s next by challenging the status quo, persevering through obstacles, and delivering innovative customer solutions.

Amrita Madiah was given a huge task in 2019: transform the India Adobe For All Summit to an India, Japan and APAC Summit. She needed to make it a relevant, localized event with regional content and speakers to fit this new, expanded audience. It was no small feat, and Amrita used her creativity pull together an awesome team to make the event a success. Amrita and her team of Adobe employee volunteers created a summit with insightful keynote speakers (like India’s first blade runner, Major D.P. Singh), breakout sessions, and community events. More than 500 employees attended the inaugural regional summit and, thanks to Amrita and her team’s creative work, employees across India, APAC, and Japan experienced the power of Adobe For All.

Amrita, what does “Be Creative” mean to you?

“I think it is the call to action to keep our customers at the center of everything we do. It calls for our actions to be in service of what’s good for the customer and Adobe, looking for new ways to deliver exceptional experiences no matter who you are or what you do.”

What can people do to be more creative in their work?

“Lean into the creative freedom you have, seize the opportunity to innovate, and just try, because failing isn’t as bad as keeping the status quo.”

What woman inspires you?

“My mother has been a great example of challenging the status quo in many aspects of her life. As a budding nuclear physicist, when life turned the tables on her, she turned entrepreneur and agriculturalist to set up an entire coffee plantation from scratch. Despite the lack of experience, she did this to fulfill her shared dream with my dad while also raising three young kids, after we lost him. Life is not easy as a single parent, but she’s broken the norm many times, is never satisfied with anything less than the best outcome and has constantly looked for new ways to solve problems.”

Be Focused: Diana Tarfulea, Sr. Engineering Manager, Adobe Target

A headshot of Diana.

Be Focused: Scale for tomorrow by driving operational excellence, building repeatable processes, and prioritizing the big bets.

When Diana Tarfulea started on the Adobe Target team in Bucharest, she was asked to hire and set up an engineering team to take ownership of several key components of Adobe Target. Diana not only hired over 30 people in four months, but she did so in a scalable way, characterized by operational excellence and repeatable processes. Her hiring-at-scale model has since been used for several teams.

Diana, what does “Be Focused” mean to you?

“Being focused means getting clarity on the vision, defining the focus areas and priorities, and then making things happen.”

What can people do to be more focused in their work?

“I think working in a fast-paced environment with so many things happening or changing around us, keeping the focus may be the real challenge. That is why being crystal clear about what we want to achieve, committing to that, and keeping that in mind every day will help you stay focused.”

What woman inspires you?

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. She asserts the right of women to be at the table and to lead at that table. She’s a great influencer and an authentic, humble leader who is not afraid to be a lone voice. She’s utterly self-confident and has prevailed with persistence, preparation, calculation, and a healthy ego.

Be a Leader: Anja Salinger-Carsley, Sr. Manager, Customer Support

A headshot of Anja.

Be a Leader: Inspire others to achieve by communicating your vision, partnering and breaking down silos, and gaining the commitment of others.

Anja Salinger-Carsley didn’t think of herself as a leader when her coworkers suggested she apply for a manager position. But she applied, got the position, and has exuded leadership in everything she’s done since. Many of these coworkers would go on to nominate her for the Founders’ Award, which she received in 2016. Anja and her customer support team face new systems and processes with enthusiasm and a clear vision for overcoming roadblocks. Anja leads the true #AdobeLife and inspires others with her involvement in employee networks like Adobe Proud and Access Adobe and her genuine passion for Adobe’s mission and products.

Anja, what does “Be a Leader” mean to you?

“When I think of being a leader myself, I think of leading by example and empowering my people by trusting them. They also know I am passionate about Adobe products and Adobe as a company. I think that enthusiasm can be infectious. I am very much a people person and am genuinely interested in my colleagues’ and teams’ lives and passions and I enjoy supporting people where possible.”

What can people do to be more of a leader at Adobe?

“I am most inspired by those leaders who have a genuine passion for what they do and what they believe in. I respect those who listen as well as guide, who support and give credit to others where it is due, and who continue to want to grow.”

What woman inspires you?

“I am lucky to have been inspired by many amazing women. Marva Warnock (Adobe co-founder John Warnock’s wife), whom I had the honor to meet and chat with at the Founders’ Award event, springs to mind. Our long conversation has left a lasting and inspiring impression.”

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