From Us to You: Ideas That Can Help in These Unprecedented Times

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by Drew Burns

posted on 03-31-2020

I want to begin by wishing all of you, from all of us in the extended Adobe Target family, health and safety during these unprecedented times that we are all experiencing. There is a lot that we are adapting to right now, and it’s important (actually imperative) that we take good care of ourselves and each other. Stop, take a breath, take breaks to do things to relax (yoga, stretching, or for inflexible folks like me, just “space out” for a moment or two.) Take things one step at a time and realize that transitions can take time. Remember that things always settle into place. Be sure to laugh at the moments that are truly funny in our present reality (such as when I mistakenly interrupted my daughter’s virtual class trying to wrangle a crazy puppy out of the screenshot.) We will get through the challenging times together.

We are sending you a virtual hug. Know that we are here for you, to support you in whatever you need from us. We’re a tight-knit community in the experience optimization and personalization space. Let’s continue to connect and knowledge share in our community virtually. You inspire me, and continue to inspire me every day, and I’m reminded at this time, where digital experience is more critical than ever, how important our role in delivering personalization is: to make it as easy as possible for each one of us to find the right products, content and customer service that we are seeking.

One “virtual hug” that I want to share is the inspiring ways that I am seeing companies, who I am currently talking with, embrace personalization to adapt better to their customers’ current (and rapidly changing) needs right now. This blog post will be a first in a series on the benefits of personalization in customizing the customer experience and providing better customer service in unusual times.

Retailers want to make sure they are showing applicable offers for specific regions and qualifying segments, as well as surfacing more relevant recommendations based not just on what a visitor is currently viewing, but also adapting to shifting browsing behavior and preferences. Healthcare industry providers need to surface timely, relevant, and critical information based on the coverage and service that their subscribers or patients are eligible for or require per region. Restaurants want to streamline and to personalize the navigation through their online ordering experience, providing the right incentives, package deals, and delivery services to make sure meals arrive on time and with all of the items an individual or family needs. Banks and financial service organizations want to assist their customers with up-to-date account information and timely investment incentives, to ensure they have the necessary information for making the right investment choices, now and for the future. And the travel industry needs to ensure that they are providing excellent customer service and answering inquiries to ensure long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Here are some inspiring examples of how we’ve seen companies leverage personalization in our current climate to better serve their customers:

We had additional ideas that were shared from our community in this recent Analytics Demystified blog post on this same subject as well. Let’s keep sharing and keep inspiring each other!

Personalization is key to ensuring we’re getting the right messages in front of the right customers and helping them find what they need, while enabling us to connect and to be there for them. And, as always, it’s an honor to connect with all of you in our global personalization and experience optimization community. Thank you for the immensely important work that you do, take care and stay safe!

While we are unable to gather in Las Vegas for Adobe Summit, we’re able to share our Adobe Summit digital experience, where you will be able to view keynotes on our latest announcements and trends, with breakout sessions featuring our top personalization practitioners as well as enhancements we have made to support personalization at scale. Stay tuned for additional blog posts in this series on ideas for personalization from our top practitioners. Check out more best practices and use cases at Adobe Summit 2020.

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