Helping Workers Learn Digital Technologies in Unprecedented Ways

Adobe offers free training for marketers, advertisers and commerce practitioners.

by Candice Lange

posted on 03-31-2020

As we grapple with the unprecedented change to business models and social interactions, Adobe is committed to supporting our global communities of creative professionals, marketers, advertisers, and commerce practitioners. Digital technologies are more critical now than ever. As a leader in this space, Adobe is offering new ways to help workers upskill and optimize their use of digital technologies — all free of charge.

Free Magento and Marketo Engage training until June 30, 2020

Many companies that have relied predominantly on in-person selling and customer interactions are shifting exclusively to online sales channels. Whether you’re already leveraging digital commerce or need to quickly pivot to a digital delivery model, Magento can enable the frictionless shopping experiences that customers demand and help you optimize your e-commerce operations.

For all current Magento users or anyone looking to build their knowledge and skills to adapt more quickly to changing commerce models, Adobe is offering free training for the next 90 days to help you succeed. Take advantage of unlimited access to Magento U On-Demand Training, and choose from a library of on-demand courses that are available 24/7 until June 30, 2020.

Personalized customer engagement is more important than ever. Your customers need to know that you’re there for them, understand their needs, and stand ready to deliver the products or services they need. Marketo Engage helps you do just that. It’s a powerful tool to automate B2B customer experiences in a more personalized way.

If you’re already a Marketo Engage customer — or if you just want to explore the benefits of adding marketing automation to your stack — Adobe is offering Marketo Engage training free for the next 90 days. The Marketo E-Learning Passport includes access to all Marketo University training. Learn at your own pace with on-demand courses that are available 24/7 until June 30, 2020.

Always-free Adobe Experience League virtual learning and support

In today’s challenging times, access to virtual learning and skills development is more critical than it’s ever been. Adobe is deeply committed to helping you maximize the value of your Adobe investment and growing your (and your team’s) skills as exceptional experience makers. We do this through Adobe Experience League, our comprehensive Customer Success Platform.

Experience League offers guided learning, quick answers, community, and support resources for core Digital Experience products, including Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Analytics, Experience Manager, Audience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, and Advertising Cloud. If you’re not fully utilizing this resource as an Adobe customer, now is the time. Start today, and become the experience maker you were meant to be!

Get started on a personalized path to success with Adobe Experience League.

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