Get to great faster with Premiere Pro and the Adobe apps

By Eric Philpott

While we can’t travel to tradeshows these days, we can still connect with each other. Starting at 17:30pm BST on April 14th, Adobe is presenting a special video livestream series on Premiere Pro and the Adobe video & audio apps. We’ll be looking at tools, case studies, and workflows (local and remote) that help you get to great faster. Join Adobe evangelist Jason Levine, product team members, and inspiring content creators for engaging demos, discussion, and live Q&A. The series runs from April 14 – 17. See the full schedule below.

Adobe Video Livestream Series with Jason Levine and special guests, April 14 – 17, 2020

DAY 1 - Tuesday, April 14

Discover new tools for setting up editorial workflows in Premiere Pro, while keeping your projects lean, mean, organised and efficient. Join hosts Jason Levine and Karl Soule on Tuesday for demos, discussion and a live Q&A.

Bob Lindeman and team start each morning brainstorming story ideas and turn out polished videos by the end of the day. In editorial they divide up the Timeline between editors, right down to the adjustment layers, for maximum efficiency.

Learn how Bob Lindeman, senior editor for Just the FAQs (USA Today) uses Premiere Pro with Team Projects and other Adobe tools to craft great video content every day.

DAY 2 - Wednesday, April 15

In this session we’ll look at graphics workflows in Premiere Pro that expand your creative options and help you keep organised and on-brand – whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with others.

On Wednesday, join Jason Levine and Dacia Saenz, Quality Engineer on the Adobe Motion Graphics team for demos and a live Q&A.

Eric Demeusy is an independent filmmaker with a bag full of tips and tricks for bringing visual effects into his storytelling – even on an indie budget. While Eric is an award-winning motion graphics artist (with credits including title sequences for Stranger Things and Game of Thrones), his own film projects are totally relatable and eminently doable. Learn how!

Join Jason Levine and Eric Demeusy for demos, discussion and a live Q&A.

DAY 3 - Thursday, April 16

Premiere Pro is flexible, connected, and packs a little bit of secret sauce with Adobe Sensei, AI-driven technologies that accelerate time-consuming production tasks. Let tools like Auto Ducking, Colour Match, and Auto Reframe do the heavy lifting so you can focus on creative editorial.

Join Jason Levine and Francis Crossman, Premiere Pro product manager (and former editor and colourist), for demos and discussion.

With four channels releasing 13 or more weekly shows to over 34 million subscribers, FBE has a serious need for speed and efficiency in their production pipeline. And they just made it even better.

Senior editor Alyssa Salter joins Jason Levine to breakdown how FBE manages editorial and post-production. Learn from the pros with a live Q&A.

DAY 4 - Friday, April 17

The new public Beta programme started rolling out to Creative Cloud members earlier this year. On Friday, join this discussion and a live Q&A with Jason Levine and David Simons, Adobe Fellow, who has been leading the initiative. If the name rings a bell: Dave is one of the inventors of After Effects, for which he won a technical Academy Award, and Adobe Character Animator, which won him a technical Emmy.

The colourful, hand drawn animations of the Birds of Prey main-on-ends title sequence is the work of artists Penny Nederlander & Amanda Gotera (Shine). The creative duo brought Illustrations and 3D elements to life in After Effects, finding simple ways to achieve visually complex results.

Join Penny, Amanda, and host Jason Levine for a look at their workflow and inspiration for graphics that tell stories, including demos, discussion, and a live Q&A.