IT & Sales: A Critical Team for Success

by Sheryl Kingstone

posted on 04-01-2020

Customer expectations of the buying experience have changed. Even in business-to-business sales journeys, customers base their loyalty on positive interactions with the company they are buying from. A friction-filled buying process causes delays, which neither the buyer nor the seller intends.

Leading sales organizations are investing in technologies to remove broken manual processes and replace them with end-to-end digital workflows. Digitizing sales operations through a combination of data, content and intelligent processes is not only possible, but increasingly mandatory. But their sales department can’t (and shouldn’t) be solving these challenges alone.

This is where the synergy between sales and IT teams meet at a critical juncture. IT is invested in larger architecture decisions and must support an end-to-end strategy that supports systems such as Salesforce Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as well as engagement tools. Through this collaboration, sales teams are enabled to meet quota and improve win rates.

The benefits of this union however extend far beyond faster sales cycles. For example, for IT teams it grants greater control of data, allowing a business to forecast with improved transparency in knowing when customers open, sign or review any sales documents throughout the entire sales process. On the customer end, it provides a more seamless and personalized experience, driving a stronger and more loyal relationship between the seller and buyer.

There’s no doubt the collaboration between sales and IT teams is a vital component to sales success, and the implications of that partnership are far reaching. In my upcoming webinar Empowering Sales and IT with End-to-End Digital Workflows, I’ll be exploring this notion in depth, diving deep into the role of digital transformation to eliminate manual processes and highlighting real-life examples of how new digital platforms and applications promote real-time operational agility.

Register here to join Sheryl Kingstone and Adobe Sr. Evangelist and Technical Product Marketing Manager Ben Vanderberg’s webinar for an insightful look at how IT can empower sales organizations to meet sales targets, increase customer retention, and lay the foundation for an organization’s digital journey.

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