New Templates Make Working from Home More Productive

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Image source: Adobe Stock / More Profesh.

by Irene Malatesta

posted on 04-09-2020

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, remote work was on the rise. Many remote employees say that working from home keeps them happier and more productive than they would have been in an office. The COVID-19 pandemic has rushed in a new era of remote work for millions that might have been inevitable. Today, many tech, information, and creative workers are working from home for the first time and getting a crash course on its many benefits and drawbacks.

Whether you love working from home or not, having great tools can make all the difference for your general level of productivity and creativity. To help with that, our team at Adobe Stock has curated a new collection of fresh planners, moodboards, collages, and more to make work feel a bit brighter.

Image source: Adobe Stock / More Profesh.

Check out the Work from Home Collection here.

The designers who contributed to this collection focused on bringing color and playfulness into their creations.

“I enjoy our planner templates, especially the colorful ones. They make working from home easier and more fun,” says Monika Szynkiewicz, designer from Wavebreak Media. “A lot of people struggle with distractions while working from home and need something to help them focus. Having templates that would help them achieve that is very convenient, and even better when they’re cool to use!”

When asked to pick a favorite, Wavebreak Media Designer Grace Murray says, “I love this set of planners. The use of bright colors and illustrative elements will brighten up any desk, and this set covers a big range of things to plan.”

Image source: Adobe Stock / Wavebreak Media.

The team is excited to present this collection, especially right now, when so many are working remotely for the first time.

“This collection can operate as an aid to your working day and may even brighten it a little,” Grace says. “It is such a good idea to bring these together to help us all work from home. For Wavebreak Media, it makes us happy to see our work on Adobe Stock!”

“It has been fantastic to see the creative community come together during this time,” says John Hayes, lead 3D artist at Wavebreak Media. “This collection gives creators more opportunities to add content to their workflow, to help them to create new, compelling projects for themselves.”

Image source: Adobe Stock / Wavebreak Media.

It’s already clear that the changes brought about by the pandemic will have lasting reverberations through the creative community, as well as the wider world, when it comes to how we all work together. While the conditions today are far from ideal, the situation does give us a glimpse of how work will continue to evolve in the years ahead.

“Many are having to adapt quickly to be able to stay productive from home,” says designer Rosa Maglione, whose work is also featured in the collection. “Whether it’s delivering work for your employer or client, keeping a routine for yourself amidst the insanity, or promoting your work to stay afloat, we all need resources to work effectively from home right now. This collection has a little something for everyone.”

“Adaptations to the way we work have come about that were once not possible,” says John. “What is clear is that when challenges arise, creativity thrives.”

Check out the Work from Home Collection here.

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