Four Lessons From APAC Creatives on Shaping Team Environments

Artist drawing something on graphic tablet at office

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 04-15-2020

We live in the most creative era in history. Like never before, technology and globalisation have given people access to the tools and inspiration they need to create brilliant work.

Although there are endless opportunities for creative teams, team leaders are faced with challenges in streamlining productivity, acquiring the right talent and supporting collaboration.

So how do creative leaders foster an environment of innovation and originality? How do they encourage ideas from every team member? And how do they ensure the team hit deadlines but still have room for imagination to flourish?

Four senior creatives answer these questions and share their personal approach to leadership in this video series.

Own your interests, grow your skills

Jungwoo Lee, Manager of Digital Design, KIA Motors

Jungwoo Lee explains why exploring new design tools is crucial to original thinking and sharpening your creative skillset.

Creativity is a translator

Liu Jialun, Senior Creative Director, Didi Global

Liu Jialun needs to turn business jargon targeted at unique audiences into engaging, entertaining designs. Discover how Liu empowers her team to speak their customers’ language.

Diverse ideas lead to rich design

Duncan Bell, Digital Manager, GHD Engineering

Duncan Bell believes good leadership starts with being a facilitator that clearly communicates objectives and structure. Then, it’s about stepping back and empowering your team to build a collective vision.

Strive for the same goal

Ji In, Manager of Digital Design, Hyundai Motors Company

Progress depends on communication. Working alongside multiple teams in the automotive design process, Ji In shares the importance of unifying behind a common cause.

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