Stay In, Stay Inspired: Activities to Keep Your Creativity Flowing

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by Adobe Social Media Team

posted on 04-17-2020

We’re all facing the current crisis together. As Adobe’s social media team, we can’t help but think about the role we play in making this challenging time a little less challenging. It’s hard to know what to say or how to help – it’s our first global pandemic, too. There is no shortage of creative ideas over here, but we’re staying focused on the _right _ideas that can inspire and bring our community together right now. One thing we do know for sure is that our community is creative at its core. And sometimes the very best creative is born during the very worst of times.

So, what can we do right now? How can we support you, our social community? We can start by sharing and amplifying your work and spreading inspiration. We can give you templates and coloring book pages and other ways to keep your creativity flowing. We can find ways to connect you with each other through shared experiences on how and where you’re getting creative. Creativity is what connects us, and our community is stronger now than ever before. We can #StayInStayInspired together.

Below you’ll find a few things we are doing with you and for you, our creative community. This list will be updated every week (or more if we roll something new out for you). Thank you for keeping us inspired. We hope we can share some of that inspiration and creativity with you during these hard times.

Weekly Round-Up

Every Friday, tune into @Adobe’s Instagram Stories for a round-up of creative work we’ve seen throughout the week. This is our opportunity to amplify the amazing work you’re creating. For a chance to be featured, tag #StayInStayInspired. Take a look at our IG Story Highlight for what we’ve shared so far.

GIF Templates

You’ve probably seen the customizable templates being shared on Instagram Stories lately, whether it’s a bingo board, choosing a “house,” or tagging your favorite artist. To get in on the fun, we’ve created some for you to share with your community. Tell us with GIFs what breaking through a creative block feels like, or tag someone who always gives you a laugh. You can access them here, or screenshot from @Adobe’s story.


With more artists and creators everywhere reimagining their workspaces, we’re asking the community to share how they’re staying inspired with their unique setup with #AdobeCreativeSetup. Not every space has to be beautiful or purpose-built, but does the trick in staying productive, creative, and inspired in these unique circumstances.

We’ve been really inspired by all of the spaces the community has shared, so much so that our team of Fresco artists have added a little extra color here and there. We look forward to seeing your #AdobeCreativeSetup next!


There’s something so therapeutic about a coloring book. Whether your medium of choice is crayon, colored pencils, or Adobe Fresco, we’ve got you covered. We’re partnering with amazing creatives each week to publish a new chapter for you to play with. It’s like a long-distance collab with your favorite artists! Check back every Monday to find this week’s themed chapter, and share your work with us on social media using #AdobeColoringBook. Happy coloring!

Chapter 1: Alphabet

Chapter 2: Gratitude

Chapter 3: Animals

Chapter 4: Dreams

Creative Kindness

The Creative Kindness campaign is a series of short video stories, shared on Adobe Students, to uplift and showcase the amazing work of young creators that are using their creativity to make a positive impact during these unprecedented times. Brought to life through creator footage, media, screenshots, video capture, and selfie-style interviews, the stories will be shared weekly with our community. The first week Jujmo, an artist in Tampa Florida, shared about connecting to her community via her weekly Instagram Live drawing sessions. Next, we had Jackie Russo Jaquez, who is taking people’s portraits remotely via video chat, to capture what isolation looks like around the world, and connecting with others in a new way.


Adobe Students wants to help you stay inspired by sharing daily creative prompts on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Learn how to turn a selfie into a screen-print style portrait, follow along with evangelist Paul Trani as he shares tips and tricks on live streaming, and learn how to make fun and fast gifs. Check back for new creative prompts every day.

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