Adobe Pilots Certification Program for Video and Audio System Integrators

Certified system integrators will enable customers to confidently adopt integrated and flexible professional video and audio solutions from Adobe.

Image of audio video equipment.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Atakan.

From streaming broadcasts to viral clips, the demand for video content continues to rise across the media and entertainment industry. Broadcasters, brands, advertising agencies, and production houses need to create more video to deliver across more channels, from previews and trailers for streaming media services, to short ads for social media, to high definition broadcasts aired on screens around the world.

Editors, producers, and other content creators often work and collaborate from anywhere in the world, not just from a central production studio. Companies need the flexibility to adapt to changes as new channels or technologies become available. That may mean adding complex new tools into a workflow or finding ways to help creative staff work with developers and IT support partners to get the most from existing solutions. News and sports broadcast facilities, for instance, have complex workflows that can touch more than 20 technologies and systems that all need to work together seamlessly.

At Adobe, we’ve spent the past decade evolving our video and audio applications, creating a suite of tools battle tested in Hollywood feature films, global sporting events, and dynamic interactive installations. We know our customers love bringing their ideas to life through the power and flexibility of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and all of the other Creative Cloud Video and Audio applications. We also know that there’s always room for improvement, so we asked our customers and partners how we could support the media and entertainment industry even better. The missing piece of the puzzle for many was professional services.

Empowering system integrators

Today, Adobe is proud to announce the pilot version of the Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio program. We’re designing this program to give system integrators knowledge and tools to improve their video and audio services so they can better support customers on their hardware and infrastructure needs, workflow design, and software integrations. Of course, the certification program also involves training to help system integrators hone their expertise working with Adobe apps so they can help customers take advantage of automation, templates, presets, and new feature releases designed to take their workflows to the next level.

“Every company is different,” says Simon Williams, vice president of strategic development at Adobe. “They all have different video goals and need a knowledgeable partner to help them navigate their options and prepare them for the future. System integrators and service providers have always been an important part of how we operate at Adobe. Formal certification on our video and audio solutions will enable our partners to provide their expertise to more companies looking to establish flexible, agile video production environments.”

Our certification program is still in the pilot stage, but we’ll be opening up the program later in the year. Adobe is currently working with two longtime Adobe partners to design the certification experience: MoovIT in Germany and Support Partners in the United Kingdom and United States.

Certification builds confidence

MoovIT specializes in video production support for broadcasters and sporting events, including major global sports tournaments. For many years, MoovIT has chosen to create video workflows for customers built around Adobe Premiere Pro for its flexibility, adaptability, and compatibility with so many different Adobe and third-party tools. For Jan Fröhling, managing director and lead product manager at MoovIT, having an official Adobe certification program will be a huge bonus for system integrators wanting to work in large enterprise environments.

“Large enterprises place a lot of value on working with certified experts,” says Fröhling. “Having an official Adobe certification will open doors much more easily for us. It’s another proof point that will help our customers trust that we have the knowledge and expertise to integrate Adobe Premiere Pro into their complex video environments and customize the solutions to meet their needs.”

Creating flexible professional video environments

Support Partners takes a holistic approach with customers, working to transform entire environments and workflows. According to Joe Newcombe, head of sales and marketing from Support Partners, Adobe Premiere Pro is an important component in professional video environments because it combines agility, functionality, and ease of use. Customers can create any kind of media with speed, no matter whether they’re an editor working on a global broadcast or an intern creating snappy clips for social media.

“Adobe Premiere Pro is an open platform, so we can build best-of-breed environments for our customers using flexible applications and technologies that will help them collaborate and create new workflows to meet their changing needs,” says Newcombe. “The Adobe system integrator certification program will give us official training and updates so we can add even more value to our customers. It will also further reassure our customers that we can support the Adobe applications within their overall environment.”

Systems integrators play a vital role in helping Adobe reach more customers worldwide. Working together, Adobe and our partners can provide customers with outstanding services to establish agile, efficient video production workflows that meet their constantly changing needs today and in the future.

For additional information on the Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and Audio program, please contact your Adobe representative.