How Tweezerman is Experiencing 87% Boost in Revenue with Magento Commerce 2

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 04-23-2020

In the world of beauty, creating a loyal following for products like tweezers and grooming might seem like an impossible task. But that is exactly what Tweezerman has managed to accomplish during its 40 years in business. Tweezerman’s award-winning beauty tools have steadily found their way into the hands and hearts of consumers and makeup artists around the world.

After launching its direct-to-consumer business in several key markets on Magento 1, the company was ready to streamline its operations and accelerate its growth. Following Adobe’s acquisition of Magento in 2018, Tweezerman wasted no time in making the move to Magento Commerce hosted in the cloud with the help of their partner Redstage, a Magento Certified Solution Specialist.

“The earlier version of Magento certainly served us well, but as our international footprint grew, we had to think about how to effectively push content to our growing markets,” said Patricia Chen, Global E-Commerce Manager at Zwilling Beauty Group. “We were working with an agency to replicate content and updates for each of our sites. But because our original platform wasn’t cloud-based, every time we made a change to one site, it also had to be replicated on every other site. We realized we could streamline all this by migrating to Magento 2.”

Eliminating redundancy

Prior to transitioning to Magento 2, Tweezerman evaluated a few other platforms but ultimately decided to migrate to Magento 2 because it allowed the company to manage multiple online stores from a single instance. It also had native capabilities to help with its business-to-business (B2B) market expansion plans.

After deploying Magento Commerce, the company saw an immediate return on its investment. Agency and staff who once spent numerous hours replicating their work for each and every online storefront were suddenly able to focus on more strategic and creative endeavors.

In fact, the team is now diving into a project to optimize checkout processes across mobile devices to boost customer experience and reduce shopping cart abandonment—a problem affecting nearly 70 percent of online retail industry sales. In addition, the company is able to spend more time on A/B testing its ads, cloning websites and aiming them at different audiences to see which messaging approaches are most effective and with whom.

Building brand loyalty

Tweezerman is launching the Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals extension from the Magento Marketplace to customize loyalty programs for each of its geographic markets; something that it sees as critical for continued growth and expansion.

“When you buy a Tweezerman tweezer, it’s such a high-quality product that you’re really buying it for life,” said Chen. “The problem is: offering someone another set of tweezers to retain their loyalty might not make the most sense. So, we’re planning to use the Yotpo extension to drive brand loyalty in other ways.”

One of those ways, she said, has been to use the program to collect more user reviews, especially in new markets where consumers may not yet be familiar with Tweezerman’s offerings.

“If someone is considering one of our tools, they want to know they are high-quality and that they’re going to be worth the investment,” said Chen. “We understand building trust through reviews is a key to success, and Yotpo’s interface provides a super easy way for consumers to submit reviews, questions and comments to our sites. We’ve even set up a Q&A function for questions about the products, and we’ll respond—without ever using a chatbot—usually within 24 hours.”

Chen said Tweezerman also expanded the amount of online information about its tools—posting videos, images and educational content about everything from how to properly hold tweezers, to the right direction to tweeze a hair from its follicle, to knowing which tweezer types or features are best for individual needs.

Astounding results

These efforts have streamlined operational processes, grown revenues and enhanced customer experience across every user channel. So far, Tweezerman is enjoying impressive results.

After deploying Magento Commerce 2, the company saw:

Looking ahead, Tweezerman expects to continue using Magento Commerce to expand brand awareness and loyalty with more creative programs, such as a new custom-engraving process where users can personalize their favorite beauty tool with a name, initials or a fun symbol.

“Everything is really humming along for us now,” said Chen. “We really feel as if we’re very much on an upward trajectory with what we’re able to do, and we’re really happy so far with selecting Magento as our foundation.”

Tweezerman uses Magento Commerce to become a true Customer Experience Management (CXM) company.

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