Supporting Local Governments with COVID-19 Testing Efforts

Technology connections with global map overlay.

Image source: Adobe Stock/ greenbutterfly.

Amid the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19, Adobe’s priority is supporting our employees, customers and communities across the globe. We are expanding our support of government organizations as they work tirelessly on the frontlines to protect our communities during the pandemic. With the spread of COVID-19, governments at all levels are under immense pressure to deliver the resources and services their communities need most. At Adobe, we are identifying ways we can help governments at the federal, state, and local level to quickly adapt to these challenges.

We are proud to be part of a coalition of leading technology companies that is addressing one of the most pressing challenges facing state and local governments — adequately disseminating COVID-19 testing information and managing test operations. Together, we developed and launched the COVID-19 Testing and Data Response Platform, announced yesterday which helps with COVID-19 screening, test scheduling and testing facility operations.

The platform was developed by coalition members Accenture, Adobe, Oracle, Splunk, DataHouse, NuHarbor Security, Globant, WhyLine and others, in coordination with the nonprofit Alliance for Innovation. The coalition has operated as a partnership and each company donated their expertise, products and services to help support the development of the platform.

In addition, we have been working with agencies in states such Utah and Iowa to digitally transform websites to help governments better communicate with their citizens, modernize internal paper-based processes to make governments more effective, implement cloud-based software solutions to support essential services for government assistance, and accelerate use of electronic and digital signatures so citizens can sign forms and state employees can keep signature and approval processes moving as they practice social distancing or while working from home. We also created a Government Rapid Response Program to help governments maintain stability and continuity for their employees and other key stakeholders.

Adobe’s mission — Changing the World through Digital Experiences — has never been more relevant and our teams around the world are rising to the challenge. We will continue to leverage our digital expertise in our response to this crisis to support these and other important initiatives across the company.