How to Use a Personalization Application to Rapidly Adapt to Change

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by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 04-29-2020

We want to share with you best practices we’ve seen our clients embrace in their personalization programs to be more versatile and adapt to shifting trends and customer needs. We’ll dive in deeper and hear from industry experts on how they’re putting personalization into practice during our Personalization Industry Insiders Webinar Series taking place throughout the month of May – register here.

An optimization and personalization tool can be powerful in its agility – to try new things, to see what works and quickly make the changes you need to better meet your customers’ immediate needs or leverage A.I. to help automate decisioning.

Let’s consider a few best practices, and tactics that you can adopt:

1. Leverage out-of-the-box targeting & swift WYSIWYG editing

2. Embrace artificial intelligence/machine-learning

3. Be a team player & center of excellence within your organization

More to come in our Personalization Industry Insiders Webinar Series in May. Wishing you and your family and friends health and safety in these challenging times, from all of us in the extended Adobe Target family!

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