Time for Government to Tap into Adobe ‘All Access’ Digital Learning

Developers, designers, solution architects, and administrators at government agencies can curate virtual learning journeys today.

Adobe All Access Learning Pass

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 05-20-2020

Are you working at a government agency that uses Adobe Experience Cloud applications, such as Adobe Experience Manager Sites, Adobe Experience Manager Forms, Adobe Analytics, or others?

If so, the Adobe All Access Learning Pass could be great for your “sheltered-in-place” team.

For years, Adobe in-person and virtual training platforms have been used by government workers — from larger statewide teams to citywide and statewide departments and federal agencies — to keep teams sharp and agile as technology advances.

With Adobe Experience Manager Assets alone, our own customer surveys show that people trained on the technology increase their usage by 135%, boosting internal efficiency and performance, and ultimately improving citizen user experiences.

Finding the right learning opportunities that are catered to government teams is now more important than ever. Yet, even though in-person classroom education is paused across most of the country, government training challenges are ongoing. There are sudden growing needs to make decisions even faster, work with new people with different skills, or adjust to new assignment shifts.

“When government employees are frustrated, it’s because they don’t have the basic tools they need to do their job,” said David K. Johnson, a Forrester principal analyst serving chief information officers.

Although 63% of government entities devote funds to employee development, according to the Center for State and Local Government Excellence (SLGE) 2019 workforce survey, a lack of skills enhancement threatens team longevity.

Still, the challenging environment today is a unique opportunity for government teams to advance skills virtually.

The training government teams need to boost digital transformation

The Adobe All Access Learning Pass is unlimited, providing access to hundreds of Adobe Digital Learning Services courses to rapidly advance your team’s digital experience skills, empowering them to master the ins and outs of your digital platforms — virtually.

On-demand and virtual classroom trainings can be self-paced, to make it convenient for flexible learning plans while also fitting time-sensitive structured learning needs.

Course topics range across a variety of needs and skill levels. For example, learn to create beautiful forms fast, to efficiently update websites, best practices for tracking and analyzing data, optimizing citizen experiences, organizing in-house assets, and how to target online for the biggest impact. Plus, the popular Adobe Experience Manager Forms Administrator and Forms Developer classes are now included with the virtual (live) training lineup — previously these classes were on-premise only.

If you are a manager with a team of five or more pass holders, you can track progress and see who on your team is learning the various skills, which can help teams prepare for new projects by learning new functions. For example, perhaps one of your website developers needs to pivot to back-end development, or a systems administrator may need to take on a new role of workflow manager in Experience Manager. Plus, because your team’s time for training may be at a premium, you can give your new employees customized learning journeys. This can lessen the burden on other team members to train the new people.

Get certified for new skills and earn continuing education credits

Certifications can be earned and shared among your team (or entire agency). For government employees, Adobe courses may count toward continuing education credits for educational and professional studies. (Check with your provider for more details.) Your Adobe Digital Learning specialist can also provide information regarding continuing education credits.

Our Adobe educators can help you coordinate and curate digital learning journeys — and get certified for new skills today. Because we know each person has their own learning needs, the Adobe All Access Learning Pass is more than just “cookie-cutter” training. It offers:

Preparation for what’s next in these uncertain times starts with helping your teams master new skills. This way, people can be faster and more agile today — while preparing for tomorrow’s needs before they arise.

For more information, check out the course catalog with testimonials, sign up for a class — or share a subscription with your team to save. Our team of educators is ready to discuss your learning needs directly and answer any questions. Email us at allaccesslearning@adobe.com to start the conversation.

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