Adobe Fuels Agency Resiliency and Helps Fast-Track Modernization

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by Bill Donellan

posted on 05-22-2020

While communities work to flatten the curve, government agencies are working diligently to keep citizens informed and connected to vital services. At the same time, Adobe continues to support public sector agency needs with powerful, secure solutions that are right-sized and quick to stand up.

As the leader of Adobe Public Sector teams, I have insight into where Adobe is making the most difference for our government customers and our communities. While I am proud of our work with COVID-19 testing efforts, here are four more areas where Adobe is delivering on our promise to be the best digital government partner we can be — today, and beyond.

Innovation that speeds application processing

This pandemic has left citizens and businesses alike reaching out for agency support at unprecedented levels. In the first 90 days, 30 million Americans filed unemployment claims, and businesses filed 3.8 million loans totaling $500 billion. In normal situations, agencies process thousands of assistance requests daily, using a combination of paper and digital forms and live support. COVID-19 has turned those processes upside down, and “the old way” has suddenly become impossible. The solution is obvious — digitize and automate the workflows and enable them on mobile devices. But how can an agency strapped with legacy technology debt do that, seemingly overnight? Adobe has stepped in to help.

Adobe is working with several government agencies to accelerate the pace of forms modernization. Using the power of Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence and machine learning, Adobe is innovating to deliver a low-cost, SaaS-based automated forms conversion solution. The solution helps agencies convert static PDF forms to powerful, adaptive, mobile-ready, 21st Century IDEA-compliant forms in less than 24 hours.

And like all digital forms, they can be used with Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Adobe Sign to create an intuitive, end-to-end digital solution to capture, route, process, and approve applications with electronic signatures, on any device. Because Adobe Experience Manager Forms is web-based, agencies are finding they can deploy it quickly and easily, without infrastructure upgrades.

Fast, easy, geo-specific website updates

There were more than 6 billion visits to government agency websites in the first 90 days of the COVID-19 crisis, and more than half of those came through mobile devices. Clearly, constituents want and need digital access to government resources through websites, on any device they can use. But the combination of ever-changing information and overloaded IT departments has made it challenging for some agencies to keep their sites up to date.

Many agencies have turned to Adobe Experience Manager Sites to quickly create and update their web properties. They are confident in their outreach because they know their sites are responsive across mobile and PC devices. Agency teams are able to launch new web pages or whole microsites in hours using the power of drag-and-drop interfaces and ready-to-use templates and style sheets. Perhaps most importantly, agencies are using the innovative geolocation capabilities to regionalize and adjust messages in support of rolling reopenings or further shutdowns. And, as information changes, business and program offices are able to make updates in real time — without burdening the webmaster or IT.

Make data-driven decisions about citizen needs

Data intelligence has been a driving force during the pandemic. At all levels, agencies rely on data to manage their response to the virus’s impact and to chart a course for reopening. Without real-time data intelligence, decision-making becomes more guesswork than strategy. Nowhere is this more true than trying to figure out where citizens are going for information and what they need.

Government agencies are discovering that Adobe Analytics can deliver the detailed, data-based metrics they need for both online and offline citizen engagement. They are gaining powerful insight about what citizens are looking for, which assets are most popular (helpful), and where citizens are going to find answers. But that’s not all. Agencies are able to see which applications and forms are being utilized the most, gain insight on where citizens are getting stuck on a particular input, and at what point citizens are abandoning the online process altogether. This type of detailed data is enabling agencies to get ahead of obstacles, improve citizen satisfaction, reduce the load on call centers, and lower costs.

Getting the right message, to the right citizen, in real-time

Agency resiliency relies on the ability to deliver effective citizen outreach for crisis communications in a highly coordinated and seamless way. But different segments of the citizen population have different preferences for engagement. Younger citizens gravitate to social channels for information, while older citizens prefer email or traditional mail. As a result, agencies find it difficult to know how best to deliver important information in a way that is most effective for the citizen.

Agencies are solving this complicated challenge with a single solution: Adobe Campaign. With Adobe Campaign, agencies are finding they can create, manage, and deliver the right content at the right time and on the right channel. This streamlines their outreach efforts across all channels, while more effectively targeting the message based on a full view of citizen preferences and interactions. And they’re able to understand effectiveness with follow-through and engagement metrics, all on a single platform.

Improving agency outcomes in service delivery and advancing agency goals are more critical than ever in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Adobe’s goal is to use powerful digital solutions to make it easier and faster for agencies to respond to the new demands.

Adobe is helping government agencies adapt to challenging times. If you’re a government agency with an immediate need, please contact your Adobe representative, email us, or call 800-872-3623 to see how we can help you solve your challenges.


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