Nikhil’s Ongoing Learning Endeavor

Nikhil Maddirala has always been motivated by learning new things. Armed with a multi-disciplinary educational background and a passion for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technologies, Nikhil joined Adobe as a Product Manager from Yale University’s MBA program. “Product Management at Adobe offers me a way to learn new things every day, explore my diverse intellectual curiosities, and build cutting-edge products. I was also inspired by Adobe’s pioneering leadership in AI/ML, demonstrated in technologies like Adobe Sensei and in their internal Machine Learning Training programs.”

As a Product Manager for Adobe Experience Platform, Nikhil is responsible for Data Science Workspace, which helps data scientists leverage AI/ML technologies to create personalized customer experiences. “With the deluge of data in today’s digital world, using AI to glean meaningful insights from data is becoming a business-critical requirement for nearly all organizations. Data science is hard, but with Adobe Experience Platform we strive to make it easier — that’s our vision.” In order to realize this vision, Nikhil works closely with customers to translate their business goals into product requirements, and he works with design and engineering teams at Adobe to create a product that exceeds customer expectations.

Never done learning, Nikhil identified a growth opportunity within a few months of starting at Adobe. To further develop his knowledge and skills, he wanted to study computer science and machine learning in a formal academic setting. “Since the products I’m building are very technical in nature, I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of fundamental computer science topics such as data structures and algorithms in order to become a better Product Manager.”

That’s where Adobe’s Learning Fund came into play. Through the learning fund, Adobe employees get $10,000 USD per year to spend towards academic degrees, top credential programs, advanced specializations and technical certifications. Using this benefit, Nikhil has just finished his first semester at the University of Pennsylvania’s Online Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) program, and he is excited to take his journey with computer science and software development to the next level.

A student profile video of Nikhil published by the University of Pennsylvania

“Learning shouldn’t stop after you graduate from college. In today’s fast-paced world, you need to constantly learn new things to keep your skills up to date. Here at Adobe, we really stress that learning is an ongoing endeavor, and the Learning Fund makes this endeavor ever so easy to pursue!”