Collaborating with the Technology Coalition to Fight Child Sexual Exploitation Online

by Colin Bogart

posted on 06-11-2020

Since joining Adobe to lead the Trust and Safety team, I have been impressed and inspired by the company’s commitment to making the internet a safer place – especially when it comes to child safety. As more creatives and students shift their work online, safety is more important than ever.

Adobe has zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation, and is deeply committed to helping combat child sexual abuse online. Additionally, we have long recognized that we are not alone in this fight and that collaboration across the industry is critical in the fight against these heinous crimes. That’s why we have been an active member and are on the board of directors for the Technology Coalition, along with our long-standing connection with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

The Technology Coalition recently announced Project Protect: A plan to combat online child sexual abuse – a renewed investment and ongoing commitment to the coalition’s work seeking to prevent and eradicate online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA). The strategy focuses on five main pillars, which include:

  1. Tech Innovation: Investing in accelerating the development and uptake of groundbreaking technology to support the cross-industry approach to thwarting CSEA.
  2. Collective Action: Bringing together industry, governments, and civil society to drive collective action.
  3. Independent Research: Funding research to advance our understanding of the experiences and patterns of online CSEA and learn from effective efforts to help prevent, deter and combat it.
  4. Information and Knowledge Sharing: Working to ensure high-impact information, expertise and knowledge sharing across the industry to disrupt and help prevent online CSEA.
  5. Transparency and Accountability: Driving greater accountability and consistency across industry by sharing collective insights through meaningful reporting of online CSEA.

Adobe is proud to support the Technology Coalition’s renewed efforts to fight child sexual abuse online, and looks forward to continuing our work with the Technology Coalition to help build a safer internet for all.

More details on the Technology Coalition announcement can be found here.

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