Supporting a Creative Renaissance with New Creative Cloud Products and Features

by Scott Belsky

Posted on 06-11-2020

Recent events around the world have proven how essential creativity is in people’s lives. As the shelter-in-place orders took hold, creativity exploded, from people recreating famous paintings at home to producing TikTok videos in their backyards and completing intricate, beautiful adult colouring projects.

When people in the U.S. and elsewhere demanded an end to police violence and systemic racism, artists used their work to raise money for social justice organisations and banded together to create Black Lives Matter murals that could be seen from space.

Creativity is having a renaissance because it helps us connect with each other, even when we’re remote. It helps calm the stress of this turbulent time. And creativity is powerful.

Seeing this creative boom is incredibly inspiring to us at Adobe. This month, we’re releasing dozens of new products and features to support the creative explosion, including new ways for creative people to connect and learn, to collaborate, and to produce whatever they can imagine more quickly and easily.

Community and Inspiration: One of our important goals is to bring the worldwide creative community together, so that artists can learn from, and be inspired by, each other. We’re launching new features and services that help creative people connect with one another and expand their skills.

We’re more than doubling the amount of tutorials, creative challenges, and more on Adobe Live

Adobe Live: On Adobe Live, influential creatives explain new techniques and pose creative challenges. Views of those videos have more than doubled since the pandemic hit and in response, we’re more than doubling the amount of content we produce, from 5 hours to 12 hours each day, and producing content with local artists in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

By choosing “Share Edits” in Lightroom, you can let others see the edits you made to create a beautiful image

Image souce: Takuma Kimura

Learning from Each Other: We also know that any creative person can provide inspiration, so we’re making it possible for anyone to live stream how they paint or draw in Adobe Fresco. And in Lightroom, photographers can share their edited images in the Discover section of the app. When you choose “Share Edits,” Lightroom automatically saves both your original image and your finished piece and shows the edits you used to get there.

Now all Adobe Fresco users can live stream what they’re creating in the app

Behance Search Improvements: Another great source of inspiration is looking at projects that are similar to what you’re working on. On Behance, where more than 21 million creatives share their work, we’ve made it easier to find what you’re looking for. With our new search tools, you can search for an image with a specific style or visual element or search for animated GIFs. Photographers can drill down to find shots with a certain exposure or focal length and even find pictures shot with a specific model of camera.

New search tools in Behance let you search for specific styles or visual elements and find photos with certain exposures or focal lengths

Inspiration and Learning in Creative Cloud Desktop: You can also learn and get inspired within Creative Cloud, which includes thousands of tutorials and resources, like fonts, brushes, and shared assets. Improvements to the Creative Cloud desktop app make it easy to find and manage fonts, navigate all your Cloud Documents, and access assets shared with you through Creative Cloud Libraries.

Behance Job Boards: We’re also committed to supporting the creative community. We know that the pandemic has put many creative people out of work, so we’ve made Behance’s very active job boards free for all to use.

Collaboration: Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve all been on a crash course in remote collaboration. For creative pros, that’s just accentuated an existing trend. Creative work is more of a team effort than it has ever been and once a draft is done, the number of people who need to review and comment on the work has multiplied. Our June release includes many ways we’re making collaboration simpler and more efficient.

Say goodbye to file conversions and confusing email threads. Share for Review in InDesign makes getting feedback simple.

Share for Review in InDesign: For many creative people, the cumbersome, inefficient process of circulating work for feedback is hugely frustrating. The new Share for Review feature in InDesign makes getting responses easy. Click one button and the colleagues you choose can review your document. Their feedback flows back through the app and you can review, reply to, and resolve questions, all within InDesign.

CC Libraries are now available in Spark Post, making it easy to share approved fonts, colours and other elements with colleagues

CC Libraries in Spark: Creativity in modern businesses isn’t confined to design teams and studios. People throughout the enterprise need to be creative while staying within the company’s branding and design guidelines. To help them, we’re extending Creative Cloud Libraries into Spark Post, our easy-to-use creativity tool that’s perfect for sometime-creators. Through Libraries, design teams can share all the company’s approved fonts, colours, logos, and other design assets, ensuring that whatever their colleagues create maintains the company’s look and feel.

Innovation: The process of creating can sometimes seem like equal parts of inspiration and drudgery. You have a great plan, but have to push through lots of repetitive work to bring it to life. Or maybe you have an initial idea, but need some help to make it really stand out. We’re deploying Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence engine, to help.

The new Effects panel in Premiere Rush will feature both Auto Reframe, available now in beta, and Pan and Zoom, available later this year.

Auto Reframe in Premiere Rush: As people have been creating videos to share their lives with distant relatives and friends, Premiere Rush, our easy-to-use, all-in-one video editing app, has been incredibly popular, especially since Rush lets you share directly to many social channels, including the increasingly popular TikTok. We’re making it even easier to format your video for different social platforms with Auto Reframe, which can quickly transform a video shot horizontally, for instance, to a vertical format, without losing the focus of the action. Auto Reframe is available to anyone in our Rush public beta program and to all Rush users later this year.

**Select Subject Portrait in Photoshop: **You’ve got a great shot of your friend and all her fun curls, but you want to put it against a different background. Photoshop’s new Select Subject Portrait, powered by Adobe Sensei, makes it simple to choose your friend’s image and get all the complexity of her hair or other details with just one click.

**More Editing Power in Lightroom: **With the new Local Hue controls, Lightroom users can make fine-grained changes to things like skin tones without affecting the colour of the entire image. Versions lets photographers experiment with different editing approaches to the same image and keep as many as they like. And iPad users can send their images to Photoshop on iPad for even more editing power.

Photoshop Camera: We’ve all been in this situation: You’re about to take a picture, but you realise it needs … something. Something to make it pop. With Photoshop Camera, you can apply the power of Sensei to transform an image from average to amazing – at the time you take it. Choose from an ever-expanding library of fun, creative, and beautiful filters. You’ll see exactly how they’ll change your picture before you even press the capture button.

This is just a sample of the many improvements we’re releasing throughout Creative Cloud and I encourage you to explore your favourite Creative Cloud tools to find more features you’ll love. It has been so inspiring to see creativity flourish during this difficult time and we are committed to supporting that creative renaissance in every way we can.

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