Adobe Illustrator Summer Release

Work brilliantly anywhere with Cloud documents and more.

Illustrator in use.

What’s new in Illustrator 24.2

The latest release of Illustrator introduces Cloud documents and other improvements that let you to work brilliantly anywhere. From automatic saving to document version tracking, Cloud documents make working in Illustrator simple and fast. In addition, as with every release, we continue to make Illustrator work even better for you. Now there’s more space to design, effects render instantaneously, and so much more.

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Cloud Documents: Fast saves and version history

The benefits of Cloud documents extend beyond easily accessing your documents anywhere Illustrator is installed. They’re fast: regardless of the size of your files, they’ll save automatically and much faster than standard files on your computer. And the best part of Cloud documents is version history. You can track, label, and revert to any version of your work directly within Illustrator.

This is only the beginning of what you can do with Cloud documents in Illustrator. Soon you’ll be able to share documents with others for editing or reviewing directly within the app. And with Illustrator on the iPad coming soon, your Cloud documents will automatically be available on your iPad, wherever you are.

It’s simple to start using Cloud documents. Next time you save, simply save as a Cloud document. Start using Cloud documents today.

Learn more about Cloud documents here.

Bigger canvas: 100x more space

Whether you need the room to design to scale or keep all your assets organized in one project, you can now expand your canvas. When you start a new project in Document Setup, your canvas automatically expands in size when document dimensions are greater than 227 inches. At this time large canvas can only be enabled at document setup.

Learn how to expand your canvas here.

Real-time drawing and editing: Live preview as you design

The latest release maximizes your computer’s GPU to render your graphics live as you design—whereas in the past, whether you’re scaling, rotating, or drawing objects, they are rendered only as outlines. With this option turned on, your object is rendered as you design, even if you’ve applied gradients, effects, or stroke styles.

Learn how to turn on Real-Time Drawing & Editing here.

Updates you’ve been asking for

Your feedback is always the most important to us. Whether you’re sharing your feedback through Facebook or Twitter, on our discussion boards, or through UserVoice, we’re listening. Here are the updates we’ve made because of your feedback:

Want to see an update to Illustrator in the next release? Share your feedback with us on Illustrator’s UserVoice page. Let us know what you’d like to see next in Illustrator.

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For the latest updates, see the August 2020 release of Adobe Illustrator.