The right track to the right track

Man listening to music on airpods.

Image source: Adobe Stock / Damir Khabirov.

Today we’re announcing the launch of Adobe Stock audio, its seamless integration within Adobe Premiere Pro, and our collaboration with two amazing sound agencies, Epidemic Sound and Jamendo.

The arrival of audio – and its new home in the Premiere Pro workflow – is a big win for creatives, granting them access to the most comprehensive solution for video projects in the market. With Adobe Stock’s thousands of non-watermarked audio tracks, millions of expertly curated videos, and professional grade motion graphics templates, Premiere Pro is officially a triple threat. Users can now browse, preview, and license audio tracks from within Premiere Pro itself, without a need to switch applications. The integration makes it easy; packed with a diverse range of tracks from Epidemic Sound and Jamendo, Adobe Stock audio brings a full music library right to your fingertips.

A milestone moment

A lot can – and did – happen in just five years.

“We are executing to our vision of what Adobe Stock should be, and this anniversary is a proud moment,” says Claude Alexandre, VP Adobe Stock. “The integration of audio into Adobe Premiere Pro exemplifies our commitment to deliver creatives with a full breadth of the highest quality assets into complete, end-to-end workflows. Creatives need that uninterrupted creativity, and this is something only Adobe can uniquely offer our customers.”

One of the most integral things to Adobe Stock’s mission has been the ability to collaborate with top-notch agencies. Epidemic Sound and Jamendo, who represent thousands of talented artists, world class composers, and bands from around the globe, teamed up with Adobe Stock audio to create a rich, diverse pool of content with video creatives in mind. Their combined collections span a wide range of genres, moods, cultural influences, and trends.

The inside track

What makes Epidemic Sound and Jamendo both stand out is their commitment to quality, their community of musicians, and the creatives who need that perfect track. “Adobe and Epidemic Sound are driven by the very same reason for being: the drive to empower and fuel our creator communities all over the world,” says Oscar Höglund, Co-Founder and CEO of Epidemic Sound. “As Adobe’s worldwide network of creators begin to discover, use, and share our tracks, we’re excited by the opportunity to act as a springboard for our emerging artists.”

“We see Adobe as a long-term partner that will benefit both Jamendo and the artist community it represents,” says Jamendo’s General Manager, Jocelyn Seilles. “We are very enthusiastic to be part of this adventure. Adobe has a history of success and transforming its products into universal standards. We think the artists we represent deserve the opportunity to be included in that history.”

An integral integration

Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Stock audio are a perfect pair; their integration has created the only offering on the market of its kind. In-app keyword search removes the need for third party sourcing. Features like Timeline Sync and non-audio watermarked previews allow creators to preview Adobe Stock audio tracks, pre-purchase, in sync with their video projects – right in Premiere Pro – with a single click. Like the track? License it right there. Not so much? Keep searching and previewing until it’s perfect.

Read more about the Adobe Stock audio integration in Adobe Premiere Pro here.


Adobe Stock now offers 200+ million assets, including HD and 4K videos, music tracks, photos, illustrations, vectors, editorial, templates and 3D assets.

Adobe Stock music tracks can be licensed directly within Adobe Premiere Pro, or on the Stock website via a subscription or credit pack. Adobe Stock music tracks with standard licenses are available as part of Adobe Stock mixed assets subscription that start at $29.99/month for 10 standard assets with first month free.

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