How Grundfos Keeps the World Pumping Through COVID-19

hands washing with water pouring from a tap

by Franck Attia

posted on 06-22-2020

Water is an essential resource, one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. For some, it flows freely from their taps. For others, access is significantly more complicated. But in both developed and underserved communities, the job of sourcing, filtering, and pumping water to the people who need it is the same.

Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos plays a central role in helping to transport water. Even with much of the world in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the B2B and B2C company’s services remain indispensable in virtually every community it serves.

Grundfos takes its mission to heart while also recognising that to thrive and best serve its customers, it must understand their needs at an individual level. From industrial powerhouses to small-business owners, and from schools, hospitals, and private homes to nongovernment organisations, the company serves a broad range of companies, all with different expectations and requirements.

Even prior to the pandemic, the ability to communicate effectively across digital channels was a must when selling to such a diverse global customer base, which also includes vendors and distributors.

“The biggest challenge we faced was standardisation across all our global markets,” says Jesper Lanther, senior digital marketing consultant at Grundfos. “We needed a common language that we could use when speaking to colleagues and stakeholders, regardless of where they were in the world.”

As a result, Grundfos equipped its 300 marketers with access to a centralised communications platform using Adobe Campaign to transcend language and borders. The platform allows employees to connect directly with customers – via email and social media – in one common language, while delivering consistent marketing campaigns.

The coronavirus has only amplified Grundfos’ need to centralise communications as it looks to reach a dispersed audience. Unable to engage with customers face-to-face, Grundfos’ local marketing teams quickly developed and launched a series of webinars to provide customers with crucial information during this uncertain time, using a range of relevant digital content to answer their pressing questions.

The advantages are twofold, according to Lanther. “Our customers benefit from important news and must-know updates, while we are able to build stronger relationships with them and augment our database for future email communications,” he says.

Powered by Adobe Campaign Standard, Grundfos built a “centre of communications excellence” to store all of its customer data and make it accessible it to employees across the world. When combined with the rich customer insights yielded by Adobe Analytics, this data allows teams to get closer to their audiences and create seamless digital journeys that result in great customer experiences.

With less time spent dealing with technical elements such as HTML, Grundfos’ employees can focus on developing inspiring content that builds a dialogue with customers, helping to build relationships directly with them in real time.

“We know that the B2B customer journey is an intricate one,” says Jens Nielsen, senior project manager at Grundfos. “And so we needed a way to reach numerous decision-makers across multiple touch points with more targeted and personalised content.”

By using data intelligence to uncover the needs and wants of its customers, Grundfos can also map these journeys in minute detail, honing its ability to be there for customers with the right content, on the right platform, at the right time.

Grundfos’ data-driven approach has also helped unify silos across its business, bringing sales, marketing, and customer service teams closer together by uniting them under one common aspiration – to ensure its global communications flow as easily as the water it transports, even beyond COVID-19.

For instance, by following trends in traffic and online performance, Grundfos’ marketers can optimise their presence on social and search, making the most of its investment while keeping customers in the know as the world around them changes. Likewise, the company uses Adobe Target to roll out notifications on its sales websites, ensuring that visitors get the latest on COVID-19 and what it means for their businesses.

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