Heroes of the COVID-19 Era

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 06-23-2020

As we all adjust to the new realities of this global pandemic, this time has also brought to light stories of kindness and perseverance, of hope and change. Throughout March and April, Adobe employees completed more than 4,000 activities to do good through our Create Change From Home campaign, earning a $25 volunteer grant for every hour of virtual volunteering.

Adobe employees have completed over 4,600 create change from home activities.

At Adobe India, we are proud to say our employees, like Adobe employees across the globe, are finding innovative ways to make a difference in their communities and lift each other up. Here are just a few of their stories of how they Create Change.

Adobe employees have volunteered over 25,000 hours.

John Pavan, Shared Services Operations Process Lead – Procurement Ops

On weekdays, after John logs off for the day, you can find him volunteering at his local police station. Though his volunteer work, he has done everything from distributing food rations to remote areas to rescuing animals. According to him, “one month has just flown by with no moments of tiredness or regret. The joy of touching lives and spreading smiles has been priceless.”

John delivering food to support his community.

John Pavan delivering essential items in his local community.

Anupriya Khare, Senior Technical Support Consultant

Over the past year, Anupriya has been actively involved with the Baha’i community as an IT Resource volunteer, where she helps the community conduct children’s classes, junior youth empowerment programs, devotional gatherings and study circles. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread, these classes had difficulty continuing. As a result, Anupriya helped the Regional Baha’i Council for Uttar Pradesh use video conferencing apps to keep their programs afloat. In addition, because a lot of members do not speak English as their native language, she helped them prepare instructions in regional languages so that the technical transformation is inclusive for everyone.

Zoom instructions made in Hindi by Anupriya.

Zoom instructions made in Hindi by Anupriya.

According to Anupriya, “Working as a Senior Technical Support Consultant with Adobe helped me understand that users can have different types of needs while using an app. This understanding helped me serve the Baha’i Community and support their wave of technical transformation and contribute to #CreateChange in the community.”

Shivam Goel, Digital Marketing Technical Staff

With the help of family and friends, Shivam Goel has been organizing and delivering meal boxes to those in need in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. So far, Shivam has helped feed over 150 individuals daily since April. Shivam believes “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”

Shivam prepares meals with his team to be distributed in the community

Shivam prepares meals with his team to be distributed in the community

Ashish Sharma, Rajeev Singh, Vishal Arora, Prateek Gupta, Ashish Wadhwa, Deepak Chawla

The members of the IT team in Noida came together and planned the ‘WIN-WIN initiative.’ In their program, ‘WIN 1’ was to create temporary work employment for workers at a sweet shop during lockdown, while ‘WIN 2’ was distributing 600 meal boxes to daily wage workers whose lives were impacted because of the lockdown and were out of regular employment.

The IT team members helping their local community by distributing meals.

The IT team members helping their local community by distributing meals.

Project Smile Core team

Adobe Noida’s long-term NGO partner Sai Kripa approached the Project Smile core team to arrange food for daily wage workers. In response, the team initiated a food collection drive and pledged donations for 100 families. Not only that, they raised enough donations for 60+ families in just 4 days. Additionally, Adobe pledged to match individual employee donations.

A collage of the Project Smile team distributing items in the community.

Project Smile team distributing items in the community.

There are just a few inspiring stories of our employees creating change in their community, and we know that there are countless more across the globe.

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