Building Adobe Illustrator with You

We invite you to be part of making Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator revolutionized design by partnering closely with the design community. The rapidograph gave way to the pen tool because countless designers, marketers, and illustrators partnered with us to build the first vector-based design program in 1987. More than 30 years later, the culture of partnering with the community is very much infused into our DNA.

Illustrator team testing early prototype builds, 1985.

Every day, Illustrator’s team of designers, engineers, scientists, and product managers work tirelessly to gather feedback from our millions of users. Whether connecting through social media, forums, or emails, we’re listening and are hungry to hear more. To that end, we invite you to join us in the journey to build Illustrator together.

Designer Yiying Lu tests Illustrator on the iPad with Lead Designer Gabriel Campbell, 2019.

Here are just some ways you can get involved:

Get early access to Illustrator features with Beta programs

Every year, we release multiple updates to Adobe Illustrator for the desktop — and as you may have heard, we recently announced that Adobe Illustrator is coming to the iPad. For both the desktop and iPad versions, you’ll have the opportunity to get early access to features like 100X canvas before anyone else to explore and test. Here’s how:

Request new or share feedback on existing features

Whether you’re participating in the Beta program or not, your feedback shapes all of our releases. There are multiple ways for you to be involved in building the product with us:

Stay up to date with what’s new in Illustrator

With each release of Illustrator, we introduce new capabilities that let you express your vision in completely new ways, as well as powerful new features that accelerate your productivity. These updates sometimes overshadow the vast amount of small improvements. For example, this year alone we have addressed over 100+ issues and delivered 22+ enhancements. Here are some ways that you can discover and make use of all the value in each Illustrator release:

Your feedback forms the foundation of where we take Adobe Illustrator next. We invite you to continue on this journey with us.