Digital Government Continuity Requires Modernized Forms and Data Collection

Successful digital government depends on modernized digital forms to continue to operate and deliver the programs citizens count on.

Adobe Forms - Application for Child Support Services Mobile Form

by Jonathan Benett

posted on 06-26-2020

Necessity may be “the mother of invention,” but for government agencies, it is often the forcing function for IT modernization. And as forcing functions go, COVID-19 has proven to be the mother of all disruptors.

The ability to communicate effectively is often regarded as one of the most important keys to maintaining continuity of government operations during a challenging time. However, where would government agencies be if they cannot collect information and requests from people in need?

In short, successful digital government depends on modernized digital forms to continue to operate and deliver the programs citizens count on.

Operational continuity begins with a modern digital form and electronic signatures

Agencies have been slowly modernizing their forms and applications technology in a timeframe and manner that best worked for their needs and capabilities, and most of it aligned to a commonly accepted digital forms maturity model (see graphic shown below). But COVID-19 has disrupted the traditional forms modernization path. Agencies lost the luxury of time. The pandemic forced a leap from wherever agencies are in their modernization efforts — to intelligent, mobile-friendly forms with legal electronic signatures, operationalized, and ready to go.

As the State of Utah discovered, Adobe’s powerful, easy-to-use technology not only helps agencies pivot to the place of “it’s covered,” but also quickly catapults them to a place of “it’s better than ever.” Utah leveraged Adobe solutions to not just continue vital services while impacted and sheltering in place themselves, but dramatically improve them as well. The result? Nothing fell through the cracks and the residents got answers in hours instead of days or weeks. The State of Utah made self-service documents available to the public and are now working toward a 100% paperless goal.

Adobe pioneers innovation for government

Speed to mission and business capability is at the heart of everything Adobe does. For over 25 years, Adobe has pioneered innovation that fueled the capabilities of government — from the first PostScript files ever created (hand-coded by Adobe founder Dr. John Warnock for the IRS in 1994), to the then-innovative use of a powerful, hardened, and secure real-time internet-based collaboration tool (what is now Adobe Connect) in the battlefield in 2005.

Adobe is now bringing that same innovation drive to help agencies dramatically accelerate the pace of forms modernization for government. Using Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence and machine learning, Adobe is delivering a low-cost, SaaS-based automated forms conversion solution to government agencies. This solution helps agencies convert static PDF forms to powerful, adaptive, mobile-ready, and intelligent forms in record time. Agencies are using this solution to modernize forms for entire programs in just a matter of a few days.

Best of all? It happens entirely remotely and with minimal impact to the agency, their IT teams, or their bandwidth. It’s the closest an agency can get to “push-button conversion” to modern forms.

Ensure continuity with intelligent forms workflows

But converting a static PDF form to a mobile-ready intelligent form is just half the battle. To truly accomplish the second most critical step of operational capability, the digital form must be part of a secure, adaptable, intelligent workflow that can operate in any deployment environment.

Like all digital forms, the ones converted by Adobe can be used with Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Adobe Sign to create an end-to-end digital workflow with electronic and digital signatures, on any device.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms can be used to expedite mission delivery and ensure operational continuity in a variety of ways, including:

COVID-19 is one of the greatest technology disruptors that government agencies will ever experience. It presents challenges for agencies to adapt, but it also opportunities for agencies to break through previous IT modernization issues and obstacles. Adobe is here to help.

Adobe is helping government agencies adapt to challenging times. If you’re a government agency with an immediate need, please contact your Adobe representative, or contact us at or 800-872-3623 to see how we can help you solve your challenges.

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