Explore AR with Adobe Aero and Uncover Hidden Letters for a Chance to Win

Don Allen III creates AR scavenger hunts in Aero. Take part to win a one-year Creative Cloud subscription.

Want to open the latest Brain-sploration experience? Click here on your iOS device.

For digital artist Don Allen III, creating art is his calling, and he’s not afraid of using new media to do it. The incredible futuristic scenes he creates fuse traditional graphic design with 3D and AR techniques to take viewers on a journey to fantasy or sci-fi worlds. His work comes with a higher purpose; his motto is to produce “creative visual content to foster a world where visual storytelling compels people to do good” – he himself is passionate about art, technology, and neuroscience (he has a science background), and works hard to weave the three disciplines together in meaningful ways. He uses his imagination to stimulate our own, even when our ability to explore the world is limited.

That’s why Adobe is partnering with Don on an exciting new project that is sure to get your brain working, regardless of your environment. With augmented reality, the potential to create interactive experiences that educate, stimulate, and communicate ideas and feelings is extraordinary, and Don is fully embracing this power. This month, Don will release a series of interactive AR experiences, using Adobe Aero, that you can interact with on your iOS devices at home, all centered around the theme of brain development.

Install Adobe Aero on your mobile device, then open Don’s first AR experience here. Read on for more details about this exciting project, how you can interact with the experiences, and see how you can find hidden letters to win some awesome prizes.

How to participate in the AR scavenger hunts

Explore a new Aero experience every Tuesday and find a hidden letter

Don has used Aero’s intuitive design features to create a series of AR experiences around the theme of brain function. Starting with the first one today, July 6, we’ll be releasing a new experience, via an Aero link, every Tuesday which contains a hidden letter you must find for a chance to win one of six 1-year Creative Cloud subscriptions. You can view the experiences via the free Aero app, available on iOS (for iPhone 7 and above). Once you have the app, simply click on the link to discover the interactive AR experience. In each experience, you will find a riddle that you will need to solve. We highly recommend you to explore the experience and interact with all the elements to uncover the answer.

Get caught up on all the Aero experiences

Missed one of the previous experiences? No problem, click the links below to try all four experiences!

Experience 1 – The Prefrontal Cortex

Experience 2 – The Basal Ganglia

Experience 3 – The Amygdala

Experience 4 – Coming Soon!

DM the hidden letter to enter a draw for Creative Cloud

Once you’ve found the answer to the riddle, head over to Instagram to get your chance to win a prize. Follow @AdobeAero on Instagram and send a direct message (DM) to the account and submit what you found. Can’t figure out the word? Don’t worry, every Wednesday a hint will be revealed on Instagram that should help.

Every Friday, we’ll announce the winning word and share how the experience was created. If you DM’d the Adobe Aero Instagram the correct answer, you’ll be entered into a draw to win one of six 1-year subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud. All six winners will be selected after all four experiences wrap up, so you’ll have four opportunities to enter and increase your odds of winning. View complete terms and conditions here.

Follow along and create your own AR puzzles

Of course, creating your own AR experiences in Aero will keep your brain sharp, too, and we want to help you design your own augmented reality experiences. That’s why on the Friday following a new experience release, Don will share a behind-the-scenes look at his process and how he designed the experience in Aero.

You’ll be able to follow along with Don’s step-by-step tutorials to create your own AR experiences. Be sure to share your creations with the community on social media and tag #AdobeAero.

We hope these puzzles will provide a fun way to interact with AR right from the comfort of your home, and in the spirit of Don’s, will take you on a journey full of imagination.

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