Personalized Learning Resources and Community Features Come to Creative Cloud’s Desktop App

New learning resources and community features in the Discover tab for the Creative Cloud Desktop app.

An incredibly important part of growing as a designer is being able to learn from others and share what you’ve learned with the greater design community. At Adobe, we’ve always strived to create as many opportunities as possible for the community to come together and do this. While design conferences, events, meet-ups, and happy hours are all, for the most part, still on hold, that work hasn’t stopped. We’ve worked hard to create more opportunities to come together online, and so have you. Our Behance community has never been stronger, and Adobe Live is seeing more viewers than ever before.

Today, we’re announcing new ways for you to find relevant learning content, to help you advance your practice and your career, along with new methods to make it easier to find and connect with your fellow creatives. We’re doing this through the Creative Cloud desktop app–our central destination where you can find all your Creative Cloud apps, integrated services, creative assets, and more–now with enhanced personalization features.

UPDATE: Explore the latest new features in the Creative Cloud desktop app.

The new Discover tab: Creative pros, updated tutorials, and tools based on your design interests

In this latest update to the Creative Cloud desktop app, we’re introducing a brand new way to access learning resources and community content, allowing you to customize these resources by both interest and product. All of these resources and filtering options can be accessed through the new Discover tab.

For you: Everything you need to reach your design goals

By clicking the “For you” button in the Discover tab, you’ll be able connect with other creatives and learn directly from them in the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Learn and follow along with creative pros through recommended livestreams, and see Behance galleries curated based on your specific interests.

Personalized interest topics in the For You section of the new Discover Tab in Creative Cloud Desktop.

Select topics that interest you on the “For you” page of the Discover tab.

Whether you’re interested in photography, design and layout, video and motion, illustration, UI and UX, 3D and AR, or all of the above, your experience will be personalized to you and will be updated regularly. Of course, you can always update your creative settings to see more or less content at any time.

By app: Everything you need to master Adobe tools

If you prefer to focus on learning a specific Adobe tool (or multiple Adobe tools), and connecting with a community of people all working to learn and improve at a specific application, such as Illustrator, you can do that too. The left-hand navigation displays all of the applications you have installed, and will display content based on your experience level. If you are an experienced Illustrator user, for example, you will see different content than someone who has never used it before.

Learnings resources filtered by app in the new Discover tab of Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop.

You can always update your preferences and skill level in a particular tool to change the content being displayed, too. So, as you become more familiar with an application, you can update your profile to ensure the most relevant content is being recommended to you.

Setting the expertise level for content discovery in the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.

Making it easier to connect as a design community, in one central location

We’re working hard to make the Creative Cloud desktop app the most efficient way to access your Adobe tools, services, and everything you need to grow and develop as a creative. Just last month, we added new ways to access fonts and search/manage your Creative Cloud cloud documents. Our goal is to make your Creative Cloud experience as frictionless as possible. We know the important role educational content, along with community learning and sharing, plays in the life of a modern designer, and we want to be there to make it as easy as possible for you to discover all that you need to create your best work.

At Adobe, we believe that everyone deserves respect and equal treatment, and we also stand with the Black community against hate, intolerance and racism. We will continue to support, elevate, and amplify diverse voices through our community of employees, creatives, customers and partners. We believe Adobe has a responsibility to drive change and ensure that every individual feels a sense of belonging and inclusion. We must stand up and speak out against racial inequality and injustice. Read more about the actions we’re taking to make lasting change inside and outside of our company.

We also know many people are still impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis and our thoughts are with you. The entire Adobe team wants to thank you, our customers, and all creators around the world for the work you do to keep us inspired during this difficult time.