Adobe RoboHelp Summer Release 2020

by Stefan Gentz

Posted on 07-14-2020

Next-generation software for authoring and publishing help, policy, knowledgebase, and self-service content. For Windows and Mac.

When we created the completely new generation of Adobe RoboHelp in 2018, we set out to develop a truly unique content creation tool. A tool for technical communicators that is powerful yet easy and fun to use. We had reimagined and reinvented RoboHelp from scratch. Designing it around the latest technologies and with a modern user interface on top of it.

And we push what people can do with their content with the introduction of the Adobe RoboHelp Summer 2020 release. For my whole team, I can say we have never been more excited about the future of Adobe RoboHelp.

And with the Summer 2020 release, we move entirely to a continuous delivery model enabling us to deploy cool new features every two or three months.

It’s about Windows.And now also MacOS.

We are incredibly excited about the latest release of Adobe RoboHelp for Microsoft Windows. And yes, the rumors you might have heard were true: With the Summer 2020 release, for the first time ever, we also ship Adobe RoboHelp for Apple macOS. And this is just the beginning. The new Adobe RoboHelp platform will continue to surprise and excite you. Our vision is to enable you to create, review, translate, and publish content anywhere and in any way you want.

It’s about Authoring. And Content Experiences.

The Adobe RoboHelp Summer 2020 release provides powerful authoring features such as support for cross-referencing, table templates, powerful search across files and entire projects, easy to use rulers, and so much more.

It’s about PDF …

Did you know that 90% of the technical content that companies publish is published as a PDF? That was the result of the Adobe Worldwide Technical Communication Survey 2020. The Adobe RoboHelp Summer 2020 release puts best-in-class PDF publishing with support for complex book layouts with advanced PDF output configuration into your hands.

Publishing professional books with a cover page, table of contents, glossary, and chapters is easy and automated. By selecting different master pages for different sections in your publication, the look-and-feel of the PDF can be individually customized. Create beautiful, fully accessible PDFs with many new layout options. Define advanced security settings. Embedded fonts to make sure your PDFs look great for every reader. The latest release of RoboHelp provides everything you need to create first-class PDFs.

… and Responsive HTML5. And all the other output formats.

Your customers will love the new content experience you can give them with the new responsive HTML5 “Studio” skin. “Studio” is RoboHelp’s new and beautiful, elegant help center output with top navigation, a powerful search, many enterprise portal functionalities, and works across desktop web browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.

It’s about the legacy content. And building on it.

Don’t want to create all your content from scratch in RoboHelp? We would not like to do that either. So we’ve built extensive features into RoboHelp so you can quickly transfer your content. You can easily import Word documents, FrameMaker files, HTML files, and even Markdown files. And then just continue to work with them in RoboHelp and take advantage of all the fantastic possibilities RoboHelp has to offer.

It’s about the world.And how to ship content around it.

For many content owners, the translation process is an intransparent black box with little or no control over the way their RoboHelp content is processed. Results and quality depend a lot on the translation vendors, the tools they use, their competence, and the processes they set up.

With the new XLIFF translation engine in the latest Adobe RoboHelp release, you can now create XLIFF files – a file format standard in the translation industry.

Never heard of XLIFF? XLIFF is the “XML Localization Interchange File Format.” Sounds complicated? Don’t worry – we made it really easy.

With the Adobe RoboHelp Summer 2020 release, you can import and export (including API-based machine translation!) topics and entire projects for translation. And we have also built in a complete translation management functionality that enables you to keep track of the translation status of each topic. You will always see which content has already been fully translated, which one needs post-translation, and which one needs complete translation.

Out-of-the-box translation support in Adobe RoboHelp

It’s about impact.Macro-impact with Micro-content.

One of the new paradigms in topic-based authoring is the use of micro-content. Micro-content is smaller than a topic and more attuned towards a question (intent) and answer (response) format. We have implemented publishing options based on micro-content in the form of search snippets, and micro-help.

It’s about Interactive Content Experiences.

The new Adobe RoboHelp platform goes far beyond the classic use of technical content. With a simple to use tabular authoring template, you can create rich microcontent. You can define the intent (question) and the response (answer). Building your own chatbot to provide excellent Content Interaction Experiences to your customers has never been easier!

It’s about collaboration.And Online Review.

In these times, as teams work remotely, the need to get creative to maintain communication and provide feedback on projects is paramount. With the Adobe RoboHelp Summer 2020 release, you can now share a review project with your remote team members and subject matter experts. Start collaborating in real-time on the content and provide feedback. With the latest release of RoboHelp, we are shipping an out-of-the-box Online Review functionality. You can invite or share a public link with review participants. You can then review the changes and implement them.

It’s about Microsoft SharePoint.And Microsoft DevOps.And Git.

Especially when you work remotely, having a shared platform for collaboration is crucial. And being able to easily hook into industry-standard platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Azure DevOps, and Git/Github has become more important in 2020 than ever before. With the Adobe RoboHelp Summer 2020 release, team members can collaborate on projects together remotely with speed and efficiency.

It’s about CRM. And ServiceNow, Zendesk, and Salesforce

Self-service content spans across multiple departments in an organization. One of the critical departments is customer support. Customer support often leverages CRM tools, such as ServiceNow, Zendedsk, Salesforce, and others. The latest release of Adobe RoboHelp provides out-of-the-box integrations with such solutions.

Out-of-the-box support for Zendesk in Adobe RoboHelp

Out-of-the-box support for Salesforce Knowledge in Adobe RoboHelp

Out-of–the-box support for ServiceNow in Adobe RoboHelp

It’s about you.

Your feedback is the most important to us. Whether you’re sharing your feedback through discussion boards, or through social media or in-person, we’re listening, and we will continue to improve the product.

It’s about all of us.

At Adobe, we believe that everyone deserves respect and equal treatment, and we also stand with the Black community against hate, intolerance, and racism. We will continue to support, elevate, and amplify diverse voices through our community of employees, creatives, customers, and partners. We believe Adobe has a responsibility to drive change and ensure that every individual feels a sense of belonging and inclusion. We must stand up and speak out against racial inequality and injustice. Read more about the actions we’re taking to make a lasting change inside and outside of our company.

We also know many people are still impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis, and our thoughts are with you. The entire Adobe team wants to thank you, our customers, and all technical writers around the world for the work you do to keep us inspired during this difficult time.

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This blog post was co-authored with Amitoj Singh, Product Manager for Adobe Technical Communications Tools – FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and the Technical Communication Suite.

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