CXC Onboards 400 Contractors in 2 Weeks During COVID-19 Pandemic

Image source: CXC.

CXC runs a high-volume business that hinges on speed and accuracy. As an HR outsourcing company in Australia helping clients manage their contingent workforces, CXC onboards hundreds of contractors monthly and draws up an average of 20 contract agreements daily.

To keep pace with demands, CXC needs consistent, reliable processes for creating and renewing employment contracts. If the company doesn’t deliver on time, clients could lose business opportunities and CXC’s business could suffer.

In April this year, a healthcare client needed help staffing a new COVID-19 hotline, recently announced by the Australian government. CXC had just transitioned employees to working remotely, temporarily closing its main offices in the Philippines and Australia, and suddenly it needed to onboard 400 nurses in less than two weeks. Fortunately, it had the right capabilities for the job—a seamless contract management process powered by Adobe Acrobat Sign and Salesforce.

“One day we were in the office, and the next day we were all working at home. It was seamless—no interruptions at all,” says Chris Thuell, director of risk and compliance at CXC. “But if COVID-19 had happened before we had Adobe Acrobat Sign and Salesforce, our entire business would have stopped.”

CXC has relied on Acrobat Sign for a decade, but it recently adopted Salesforce and integrated the tools to create a highly automated process for managing contracts and collecting signatures. The process saves two or three minutes per document—and with 570 total contracts in April, the savings added up fast.

That enabled CXC employees to vet 1,200 nurses, issue 400 contracts, and send contractors through to the hotline’s training program in a matter of days. “That’s the most volume we’ve ever handled so quickly. It definitely wouldn’t have been possible without Adobe Acrobat Sign and Salesforce,” says Chris.

Data accuracy, check. Data security, check.

Speed is important, but CXC also needs to be sure that every contract is accurate and can’t be tampered with—or it could leave the company liable for discrepancies in employment terms.

“From a compliance point of view, every detail in our contracts has to be correct,” Chris says. “It’s a critical part of the process in making sure that we secure the right contractors to meet our clients’ needs.”

With the integration between Acrobat Sign and Salesforce, key employment terms such as pay rate, contract length, and notice period populate into the contract automatically from the client. That dramatically reduces the risk of human error. And after a compliance team checks the documents for accuracy, they can create a highly secure PDF in Adobe Acrobat and send it out for signatures using the Adobe Acrobat Sign plugin within Salesforce—without the need for email.

The Adobe solution has won the trust of CXC’s clients, with security encryption and real-time visibility at every stage of the process. “Data security is a huge priority with many clients,” says Chris. “Because we use Adobe and Salesforce, we can satisfy the most stringent security requirements. That’s a big selling point for us.”

Business at the speed of digital

CXC has come a long way since the days of sending documents by post, which was the norm before it adopted Adobe Acrobat Sign. Now, an onboarding process that used to take a week can be done in hours, helping companies staff up fast. In a world where virtually everyone has a mobile device and can be reached around the clock, CXC’s ability to move quickly and make connections for clients is a big competitive advantage—during a global pandemic or otherwise.

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