How Quality Engineering Intern, Michell Brito, is Making Products Accessible to Everyone

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 07-27-2020

This year, Adobe is proud to welcome more than 700 interns across the globe for our first ever virtual internship program. It’s been a blast welcoming our interns to their #AdobeLife, and seeing the incredible impact they’re making. To give you a peak into their internship, we’ll be featuring our Adobe Interns from across the business and across the world.

Read on to learn about Michell’s experience on the Behance team, and how she’s working to make products accessible to everyone.

Which University are you currently enrolled in and what is your internship title?

I’m a masters student at Texas A&M University (go aggies!) studying computer science with a focus on recommendation systems. I’m a Quality Engineering Intern on the infrastructure team for Adobe’s Behance product.

What attracted you to join Adobe?

In middle school with Youtube starting to become more popular I would watch Youtube videos on Photoshop, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver tutorials which lead me to creating Photoshop tutorials myself. I remember the countless times that I would have to hit the undo button on Photoshop when I would skip a step when following the tutorials and sometimes even while making my own.

Fast forward post undergrad and I had the opportunity to be sponsored by Adobe for graduate school due to its partnership with The National GEM Consortium (GEM). With the lack of diversity in the tech industry Adobe’s partnership with GEM opens the door for diverse graduate students to gain experience and mentorship.

Tell me about your main project this summer—what are you working on and how have you been making an impact?

This summer I’m working creating the infrastructure for accessibility testing in order to make sure the products over at Behance are accessible to everyone. This will automate some parts of accessibility testing during deployment so software engineers are not shipping features that aren’t accessible. Knowing that the project that I’m working on for the summer is going to impact a lot of people is exciting to me because it’ll make the user experience much better.

How has it been like being a virtual intern?

Although the events that have occurred in 2020 have caused internships to be online, it has been a good experience being a virtual intern. Adobe’s university recruiting team has created a lot of intern events such as social hours and fitness classes that I have attended. Looking to meet more people, I’ve also attended some events hosted by HOLA (Adobe’s hispanic/latinx employee network). Being an avid gamer I jumped at the opportunity to also attend virtual gaming events hosted by the Behance team. Overall the virtual events have been amazing and provide the much needed human interaction we are all used to.

Before I started my internship I was worried about the amount of communication that I was going to be able to receive but since the very beginning that hasn’t been an issue. Everyone on the team is always willing to help with any questions and quick to hop on a video conferencing call in order to debug or show me something new.

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