Adobe Document Services Bring World-Class PDF Tools to Your Apps

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Document collaboration and automation have become increasingly important, and the ubiquity of PDF can unify the document experience for any workflow. As more organizations accommodate a growing remote workforce, bringing rich document experiences to existing application infrastructures is the fastest way to increase remote workforce productivity. Cloud-based APIs bring much needed relief to IT organizations by providing existing functionality and infrastructure quickly with little overhead.

In April, we announced the Adobe Document Cloud View SDK and Services SDK to deliver powerful document experiences in applications, such as creation of high-fidelity PDFs from Microsoft Office documents and rich, unified PDF viewing with collaboration tools and analytics. Today we’re excited to announce new, expanded services in what we’re now calling Adobe Document Services. Document Cloud View SDK is now known as PDF Embed API, and Services SDK is now PDF Tools API.

PDF Embed API allows you to embed and customize a PDF viewer in your own web and app experiences. PDF Tools API includes APIs for creating and manipulating PDFs. Both include easy-to-understand sample code and documentation, so that developers can get up and running quickly to build seamless, consistent PDF experiences for customers.

New Services in PDF Tools API extend world-class PDF functionality in your applications

Newly released services for PDF Tools API include the ability to compress, linearize, and password protect PDFs. They join the currently available APIs for creating, combining, exporting, and adding OCR to PDFs.

Now you can easily create a PDF from a dynamic HTML report, set a password to prevent unauthorized opening of the document, and compress it for sharing as an attachment. Linearize a PDF for faster web viewing when end users have large documents to open or take advantage of the new document organization services to insert, delete, rotate, reorder, and replace pages within your PDFs.

These new web services can help you automate manual, document workflows. Pick and choose which operations fit best for your business workflow needs.

Expanding Adobe Document Services across Adobe Experience Cloud, WordPress

We continue to grow Adobe Document Services, including new seamless integrations for PDF Embed API like the recently released PDF Viewer core component for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), which allows customers to drag and drop the PDF Embed API viewing experience directly onto their applications. Adobe Analytics is now integrated with Adobe Document Services to help gain measurable insights like how often your PDF has been downloaded, opened, shared, and even how much of it has been read. A new WordPress plug-in is also being developed to effortlessly extend PDF Embed API functionality within existing WordPress websites. The plug-in will bring instant installation and simple administrative panel toggles with custom controls for sizing, commenting, print, download, text without the need for any code.

Adobe Document Services in action today and in the future

Adobe Document Services APIs are already behind some exciting PDF experiences right now. For example, our APIs powered The Creative Self Workbook, a rich PDF experience that included live form filling, notes, drawing, and print options, at the virtual Adobe 99U Conference this year. We are also partnering with TopCoder, an open-talent platform with over 1.5 million developers and designers worldwide, on a series of challenges with the goal of developing digital solutions to help government agencies as well as students and educators stay resilient during the pandemic and for the future.

We continue to work on more great services to bring seamless, consistent PDF experiences to all. Expect services powered by Adobe Sensei, our AI and machine learning platform, to extract intelligence from documents. We’re also working on bringing more world-class PDF functionality from Acrobat including security features such as permissions support and redaction.

For now, get started with our free trial to see how easy it is to build dynamic document experiences in your applications today!

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