Adobe and Google Introduce ‘.new’ Ways to Create, Convert, Compress, Sign, and Design

Introducing new .new files.

Everyone’s looking for a streamlined way to get things done in this complex world. A paved path forward to tackle tasks in a simple, yet powerful way. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Google to bring the simplicity of .new shortcuts to Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Spark. Afterall, you may be stuck at home, but you shouldn’t be stuck scouring the web just to get things done.

Starting today, just type into your browser to easily create a free Adobe Acrobat PDF from any Microsoft Office or image file, or to create a PDF form that you can fill, sign, save, and send. No pen, paper, or printer? No problem. What if you specifically want to convert a JPG to a PDF? We have the answer with Or, maybe you have a massive PDF file that you just need to make manageable. Type to reduce its file size for easy sending or sharing. All you need to do is drag and drop a document and watch it transform into a high-quality, professional-looking PDF.

And, if you want to easily create stand out social media content with Adobe Spark Post, we’ve got that covered too. Just type into the browser and you’re immediately taken into Spark where you can unleash your creative potential. Start designing from thousands of templates, and choose from millions of images, icons, and stickers, in addition to your own logos, colors, and fonts. Use Spark for yourself, your brand, your passion project, or your digital team to liven up any social feed in minutes.

In addition to the .new shortcuts above, we’re launching a plethora of free PDF actions this year – giving everyone access to 20 free, super simple Acrobat online tools in 2020. Acrobat online gives you access to both free and premium tools right in your browser, and makes quick work of a number of common PDF tasks. Just sign in with a free Adobe ID and Acrobat online lets you convert Microsoft Office and image files to PDF, or request electronic signatures from anyone. Use Acrobat online to send a contract, permission slip, or any other document you’re looking for someone to sign – and track your signer’s responses in real time. Or, if you need to fill out and sign a contract or form yourself, the Fill & Sign tool has you covered. That’s the one with the shortcut.

Think of Acrobat online, and the .new shortcuts, as the first step on the path to PDF perfection. With Acrobat, you can trust that your document formatting, images, and alignment will be preserved so your files will look as expected on Mac or Windows. Right now, you can use each one of these Acrobat online actions once per day, every day, for free. If that isn’t enough for your deluge of documents – and you need to convert, compress, or send something for signature more than once per day – we have a variety of subscription plans to suit everyone’s needs across desktop and mobile.

Launching 20 super simple free PDF actions in 2020 is no small feat, but we’re up for the challenge. We’re excited to kick off a whole new era of PDF possibilities in the browser with Acrobat online – and work with Google to make quick document and design actions even easier.

Check out Google’s page and stay tuned for what Acrobat actions we’ll roll out next!

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