Audio 101

Jason Levine covers A to Z in Adobe Audition.

Audio 101 with Jason Levine

by Durin Gleaves

posted on 07-30-2020

Few people know the ins and outs of audio and Adobe Audition as well as Jason Levine. He’s been a worldwide product evangelist for many years and continues to hit those high kicks and high notes when talking excitedly about Adobe video and audio apps.

Besides bringing a great deal of enthusiasm, Jason has a ton of technical know-how. He’s a very skilled teacher, and these days he spends most of his time streaming in-depth tutorials for creators working in video, podcast, motion graphics, and more. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for live streams.

It’s probably no surprise, but Audio 101 is one of my favorite learning series Jason has ever produced. It’s an 18-part breakdown of all things audio and Adobe Audition. It’s been a little while since he put them together, but I still reference them frequently as the info is super solid. I highly recommend bookmarking this playlist – whether you watch the whole thing or pop in for a few specific topics, it’s top-notch content.

How To Record Your Voice with Adobe Audition | Audio 101: Part 1

How To Edit Audio with Adobe Audition | Audio 101: Part 2

How to Edit using the Spectral Display in Audition | Audio 101: Part 3

How to use Noise Reduction & Restoration Tools in Audition | Audio 101: Part 4

How to use Delay, Echo & Reverb Effects in Audition | Audio 101: Part 5

How to use Batch Processing & Scripting in Adobe Audition | Audio 101: Part 6

How To Multitrack Record & Choosing Mixdown Options in Audition | Audio 101: Part 7

How to use a Compressor/Limiter | Audio 101: Part 8

How to use a Limiter (Classic, Brickwall, Multiband & Sidechain) | Audio 101: Part 9

How to use EQ (graphic, parametric, notch & fft) | Audio 101: Part 10

How to Get Started with Mixing (basic workflows, tips & tricks) | Audio 101: Part 11

How to Mix 5.1 Surround with Premiere Pro & Audition | Audio 101: Part 12

How to Master your Mixes | Audio 101: Part 13

How to Prepare your Audio for Spotify, iTunes and YouTube | Audio 101: Part 14

How to Remix Background Vocals | Audio 101: Part 15

How to Remix Drums | Audio 101: Part 16

How to Record a Podcast (Mics, Effects & Sound) | Audio 101: Part 17

Audio A to Z | Audio 101: Part 18

Series Review and Random Cool Features | Audio 101: Special Edition

VST Plug-in Favorites | Audio 101: Special Edition

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Topics: Video & Audio

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