Pentair’s Recipe for Digital Success: Central Experience Management and a Data-Centric Mindset

Beautiful woman filling glass with water in kitchen

Every time we turn on the tap, we want to know the water coming out will be clean, clear and safe to drink. However, what many of us are unaware of is the technology and engineering behind the scenes that help make this achievement an everyday occurrence. Water is the key to every refreshing sip, nourishing meal and thriving city center in the world, and it’s helped made possible through water treatment systems like those made by Pentair.

For more than 50 years, Pentair has helped business and industry with water treatment and movement solutions to provide cleaner, expertly managed water, while minimizing energy use. A strategic shift came in early 2018, when Pentair completed the separation of its Electrical business, becoming a residential and commercial water treatment company. With a new focus on building relationships with both B2B and B2C customers, the company initiated a digital transformation to connect smart solutions to its expanded customer base.

One of the first steps in this transformation was building a focus on the brand, and this led to the consolidation of more than 35 branded websites into a single destination – Here the brand story comes to life with content and digital management solutions that gives Pentair the flexibility and agility to create engaging and actionable solution-driven experiences for existing and potential customers at a global scale.

Similar to Pentair’s own solutions, the requirements for this destination site were simple but robust: intuitive, accessible, dependable, and intelligent. Whether their customers want to engage through a channel partner or come directly to the website to ask questions and learn more, Pentair knows that every interaction matters. Knowing this, Pentair’s secret to engaging customer experiences has boiled down to two things: one, an agile, scalable and centralized experience management solution; and two, a data-centric mindset.

“A core tenet of our digital transformation has been the investment in a platform that enables better relationships with customers and end users, connecting smarter solutions and a more responsive experience end to end,” said Patrick Theimer, vice president of digital customer at Pentair.

Pentair initiated this digital transformation almost three years ago. Theimer’s team started the process of building their destination website and integrating experience, customer and product management and IoT systems into an enterprise platform so they could better tell the Pentair story, and more importantly, offer their customers a more personalized connection – all built on Adobe.

“Adobe was an early partner for us in this process,” said Theimer. “Our website consolidation and experience management platform has been a win-win for both Pentair and our partners. Customers now have a single, elevated destination to interact with our solutions, services and opportunities and get their problems solved.”

Since unifying the Pentair brand on a single website, the team has seen significantly increased traffic, longer time on site, and increased opportunity management. The new website drives more traffic now than the 35 sites collectively generated before. Repeat visits are up, engagements per visit have increased, and the company is seeing more of its information shared in the marketplace extending both reach and organic ranking.

Not only has data informed the success of their new site, Pentair is also leveraging Adobe Analytics to drive personalization. The team is able to optimize digital campaigns quickly with minimal lag time, generating meaningful improvements to campaign ROI. “With the Adobe platform and the Adobe cloud, our maturity is growing very quickly in terms of the way we can consume and analyze data, advance personalization, manage site updates and improvements, and deliver an actionable and connected UX to optimize our resource management and enterprise investment,” added Theimer.

A thoughtful approach to the future

As Pentair continues along its digital transformation journey, they are focused on connecting smart customers. By combining data structures, business intelligence and connected platforms , they are able to develop data-centric solutions for a more informed UX and an elevated brand. It’s a customer-centric solution for growth, bringing water to life.

Pentair leverages Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics to become a true Customer Experience Management leader. Learn more here.

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