Adobe introduces Generation Create — Dedicated resource for next generation

Creativity is a catalyst for change. And we see firsthand how much real change is driven by you, the next generation of creatives.

Never has this been more true than the movement you’re living out today. We’re awestruck by your humanity, your curiosity, your compassion — and we exist to amplify and enable your creativity to shine.

Introducing Generation Create (Gen Create)

Here at Adobe, we know you as Gen Create, and today, we’re excited to launch a new digital space in your namesake, for young creators to connect, collaborate and create as you redefine the world around you. We hear your urgent calls to affect change and see the passion you possess in doing so. Through Gen Create, we respond to your calls to mobilize and collaborate so that you can bring much needed beauty in these times of crisis.

Gen Create is an idea and a community rooted in unfettered ingenuity; a destination where you have opportunities to turn a blank page or empty canvas into words and visions that punch through. It is a creativity resource to help you document and shape your community, champion your causes, and come closer together, even when you’re feeling worlds apart.

Gen Create: Our approach

We built Gen Create to fuel your passions and your creativity — the perfect intersection of your distinct personal and professional identity. It’s a resource hub where you can find exciting opportunities, sharpen your skills and connect with other young creatives in ways that drive your purpose.

It’s all rooted in giving you ways to drive creative output. We’re doing so by connecting you with inspiring artists and musicians for creativity challenges, offering a path to scholarships, deep discounts on creativity tools, and spotlight opportunities on the Adobe platform to amplify your voice.

Already in play

Creative challenges and competitions

Exclusive access to big name artists to create bespoke content and win prizes. To date, we’ve collaborated with musicians Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Marshmello and Tierra Whack, and recently completed a summer challenge with YouTube stars Collins and Devan Key.



What’s ahead

Maybe you’ve already engaged with our always-on programs or are looking for ways to expand your creativity. In the coming weeks we’re partnering with BuzzFeed on a youth ambassadorship program where 10 of you dive deep into the art of storytelling. We also have many more creative challenges in store between now and the end of the year, including the next phase of our Lady Gaga Challenge in late August.

Creativity is core to Adobe’s DNA. Over the years, we’ve loved being in your classrooms, art classes and computer labs. We love knowing that we’ve played some role in sparking your creative expression — knowing we’ve been a part of your journey as you grow. We never take that for granted, and our commitment will forever be unwavering. Gen Create is our way of demonstrating just that.